HELP!! Sharpei flap: dark silver or black??

  1. Hello everyone! I am about to purchase the sharpei flap bag but cant decide whether I should buy the black or the dark silver. Both seem to be equally beautiful!

    So please gimme your opinions, anything at all... Everything would help!

    Many thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I say the black since it is more versatile. I actually have a black on and love it. However, if you have alot of black bags, maybe go for the dark silver.
  3. I would also go with black, because it goes with everything. Then again... this is coming from someone who owns 3 Chanels and all of them are black, lol.
  4. dark silver, coz its more "different" but still versatile enough to go with everything IMHO... good luck!
  5. I would go with black...I'm drolling over that bag right now! Are they still available?? I was hoping to find a large flap but thought they were all gone.
  6. Another vote for black! This is a divine bag so you'll want to wear it endlessly which makes me think black will be more versatile. Let us know what you decide and post photos!
  7. i would love a dark silver! imo its much easier to match. but its difficult to get hold of one now i think
  8. Thank you all for the opinions!!

    But you guys are right, I can't find them anymore *sob sob sob* :crybaby:

    I called many stores and they said it's sold out in the whole US. Neiman and Saks dont carry that style.

    If any of you see one out there, please please please pleaseeeeee let me know!! :crybaby:
  9. Good luck sweetie! Hope you find it.
  10. ahhh I want this bag too!! I am devastated.
  11. i'm looking for the dark silver one! i wish they made more...hopefully they'll bring it back!
  12. I'm lusting for the dark silver too... but either color you choose would be gorgeous. It's a gorgeous style!
  13. I love the Sharpey flap in black too, and I wish I had bought it from the Chanel boutique when I had a chance to. :sad:

  14. me too

    i am slapping myself now :hysteric:
  15. I believe that someone here on TPF just made a thread. She bought the very last dark silver "Hawaii" Sharpey flap (in the US).

    You might still be able to find the black though. Good luck!!!