HELP!! Severe Allergic Reaction to a DIRTY Purse!!

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  1. Okay, so I bought my first LV on eBay the other day. Its a monogram pochette and I was so excited for it to come!! I got a good deal on it because the seller said that there was some sort of "tacky glue" substance that got spilled inside. I finally received it today and was so excited!!

    I was disappointed right off the bat because as I took it out of the dustbag I noticed that the strap was extremely dirty and greasy. It was really gross! So I quickly took some baby wipes and rubbed it down which seemed to help. I then opened the bag to inspect the tacky glue damage to find that maybe it was spilled nail polish and possibly removable.

    Unfortunately I also noticed that the bag was EXTREMELY dirty inside. I mean it was just disgusting. The previous owner obviously used it as a cosmetic case as it reeked of makeup and such. There were random markings from foundation, eyeliner, mascara... There were human hairs and animal hairs on the inside too!! It was horrible!! I would expect that if you are going to sell something of that value at least open it up and try to dump out the nastiness inside before giving it to somebody else!!

    Having the baby wipes handy, I tried my best to clean out the hairs and was disturbed by the amount of makeup that was coming out as well. I have severe allergies to some makeups and cats/dogs but I did not think it would affect me.

    Oh how I was wrong!!

    I continued to clean out the bag and some of the dirty makeup got into my eye! My face has now puffed up from a reaction to either the animal hair or the makeup or both!! Plus I'm sneezing my brains out!!

    I am SO dissapointed :sad: You have no idea what a bummer this is to finally get my first LV that I've been lusting over for years only to have such a horrible thing happen. Now I don't really know what to do! I really love the bag and don't mind keeping it if there is a way that I can thoroughly clean it!

    Do you guys think I should ask the seller for a partial refund? It was not described in the auction that it would come absolutely filthy like this... If I had known it was, I would have been cautious because of my allergies and probably bought something else. Also any suggestions on cleaning the inside and maybe getting that tacky glue/ nail polish off? Would it be safe to use nail polish remover?
  2. I would ask for a HUGE partial refund. That is DISGUSTING! Unacceptable! And if she doesn't do a partial, by all means, file a claim! Ewwwww
  3. I agree with citcat, partial refund, the dirt can be cleaned but your health cant. ive never heard of something like this happening before but the seller needs to learn a lesson, e-mail her telling her whats happened and telling her what your doing. Depending on how much you paid for it, I think a 25% -30 refund is in order
  4. I would get rid of it...full refund. You should not have to clean a bag you buy unless clearly stated in the listing. If this is something you have been waiting for and really wanted (LV) sometimes eBay is not the way to go. Have you ever considered second hand sites or stores? A little bit of a safer bet I think. Sorry this is happening to you...I would absolutely demand my money back.
  5. was it a bag or was it a cosmetic case? i'm so sorry that this happened to you. i'd definitely contact the seller. best of luck to you - keep us updated!
  6. OMG, that's just horrible! I hope you feel better!
  7. It was actually a monogram pochette but she used it like a cosemetic case. I understand that, I've used small bags as cosmetic cases... but it was just so dirty!!

    My eye are so red right now I look like I have been crying for days! haha :crybaby:
  8. WOW that's terrible, I would say definitely ask for a refund! good luck
  9. She may not take it back since you altered it by cleaning it.

    Did you take photos before cleaning it? Did you ask the seller for a full or partial refund?
  10. Unless the seller specifically stated the bag was clean or in good condition, she's not liable for the condition. If the auction just named the bag and didn't specify the condition, there's really nothing to hold her to.
  11. She did specify that the purse was in good condition minus the tacky glue on the inside and the darkening strap. I will be emailing her tonight requesting a partial refund. :tdown:
  12. I can't believe somebody would ship something in that condition. I don't think I could get past the ick factor. I would ask for a refund. She might refuse but at least you will get the message across that this is very poor form.
  13. Yikes! I would consider checking with a doctor about your eyes! And ask the seller to refund your office visit fee...
  14. Take a picture of your allergies with the date on (if your camera has this feature) and also if you have the wipes with akll the dirt also email her with them. She will feel bad and maybe give you a partial refund then. Good Luck!
  15. That is so gross. I'd return it. I would not want to keep it at all.
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