Help set me straight on this Fendi satchel

  1. Hi Viba424

    I think the colour is gorgeous! Although its not an eye-popping kinda bag, its looks very versatile and would be perfect for daily use. And not to mention, a steal at $550! I'm sure you've spent more on a daily-use bag so why not keep this for the same purpose? Just get a suede protector like those they use for suede shoes and it'll look fabulous on you!
  2. I think it's a lovely bag - lovely style, size, drape and colour. And I like the zip closure. It's the kind of bag that could be a new best friend!
  3. Hi! I actually just bought this bag as well from Barneys, but in black. I was wondering if yours had the leather strip serial tag inside? Mine does not. Did you end up keeping it?
  4. I wish I would have found a black one, that would have been great. I was too concerned about the durability of the leather and returned it. Wasnt meant to me. Sorry I cant remember about the tag.
  5. Definitely keep it!! Like ALL Fendi's, this one is timeless. And it's a good neutral color too.