Help set me straight on this Fendi satchel

  1. What are your thoughts on this Fendi shimmer satchel? I got it for 60-70% off at Barneys - its a gourgeous brown soft suede with gold hardware. Zip top and functions like a duffel.

    Im not sure if Ive got sale goggles or for $550 its a keeper? It may not be the most trendy but I do think it will fill a hole in my wardrobe. Thoughts?? The natural light shot is closest to its true look.
    IMG_20111229_151843.jpg IMG_20111229_151914.jpg IMG_20111229_152150.jpg
  2. No thoughts? Ive been waiting forever for comments! :smile:
  3. Beautiful such a keeper! I love Fendi and that bag looks so convenient, can hold everything, comfortable, nice color ect. And trendy bags go out of style (aka Fendi Spy), that bag will always hold its value and look more classic.
  4. I love it and you got a real steal! I love Fendi bags can't go wrong!
  5. I love that! And great price!
  6. I've been lusting after this bag in burgundy after I saw it in person. It's just gorgeous, and the leather is beautiful. I say keep it!
  7. I think it is a gorgeous bag and a great price.
  8. I love it!... great everyday bag I think you will get a lot of use out if it... it's a keeper IMO :smile:
  9. Definitely a keeper!
  10. That's a beautiful bag! what a great price!!! have you made your decision?
  11. You comments have been encouraging. I got a couple of initial "meh..." comments when I posted the store link to the bag on the Barneys sale thread. I do think perhaps the store photo didnt do it justice.

    I am definitely leaning towards keeping it but have not yet taken the tag off. The only thing that is causing me concern is that I wonder if the suede is too delicate. I am not rough on my bags but will one swipe with a zipper or fingernail be too much for it?

    I do have a Selleria that I was also worried about initially but that has proven to be indestructible and shows absolutely no age.
  12. Keep her. She's wonderful.
  13. Keep her!! SO pretty!
  14. i love it! and you ogt it at a great price!!
  15. I'm the same way, if i'm not sure, the tags stay on while I decided but more often than not, it goes back and I try to find something that I love. If I buy a handbag that I love, the tags come off and I move in immediately.

    I would find an indiscrete part of the bag and try your fingernail on it. Maybe, try to give yourself an idea of how durable it is. It is a gorgeous bag, but if you are not "feeling" it, then return it for something that you won't have doubts over and that you'll love. :smile: