Help! Sending a certified bank check...

  1. to a lovely seller that lives in Switzerland and I am in the US. For some reason my husband could not send a bank wire transfer internationally so I am sending her a certified bank check.

    My question is will she be able to deposit the check directly into her account or will she need to do it another way? Will she have to pay any fee's?

    I am not familiar will this so please help. TIA!!!!!:smile: I want to make sure the seller won't pay extra fee's!
  2. Why couldn't your husband send the wire? Also, are you sending the check in foreign currency? Becuase if you send it in us dollars, the seller may be charged a collection fee if the bank is unable to process us dollars, in which they would send the check for collection. Why aren't you using Paypal? Please be careful.
  3. I think they can make the deposit, but the bank does hold it for a long time!! *from experience* I sent a international money order to HK, and the seller had to hold it till the bank clears it... which took... almost a MONTH!
  4. The bank told my husband that the wire transfer would have to go through a NY bank first in order to go through?! I don't understand. I am not using Paypal b/c of the Philippines scam! I sent the bank check in US dollars. I will pay her for the extra charges if she incurs any.
  5. OH NO! A month!:sad: Was the seller charged any fee's? Do you think it would be different for Switzerland? My husbands bank knows him very well- he has been using them a long time and all his business & personal accounts are with them. Maybe he can have them rush the process?
  6. FYI, all U.S. bank transfers are process through New York if you decide to use a wire transfer next time. All checks sent to a foreign bank are subject to collection and will take up to a month to clear at minimum 14 days through snail mail.
  7. ^^^Thanks! I never did a bank wire transfer before so I didn't know what to expect!
  8. You hit the nail on the head girl! My question is are they going to charge her for changing your check from US dollars to whatever currency is where she is located. I know that banks here charge an amount, but I don't know about in other countries.
  9. ^^^I have no idea!!!!!!! Does anyone know??????
  10. Unfortunately the bank will charge their client the fee for submitting the check on collection including the currency conversion. The client will be bill on his or her account. The question is will the seller charge you the additional fee if necessary before releasing your item for shipment. You might want to check with the seller.
  11. The seller is my friend! I will have to send her the money to recoup her fees! I will have a friend that has Paypal do it for me then. I hate to cause her agony!
  12. Then you shouldn't worry so much :flowers: I'm sure she will let you know if she runs into any problems the payment.:flowers:
  13. For future reference you can send a wire transfer in foreign currency. It may be a little more or less depending upon the conversion rate.

    Good luck!
  14. Thank you pinki~ you have been a tremendous help to me!!!!!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart:

    melly~ ok- thanks for the great info!!!!!:yes: :flowers: :heart: