Help! Selling to new buyer!

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  1. I am new to selling on ebay and am hoping to find some guidance from those who are more experienced. I had a bag on ebay with a fixed price/obo option. I had auto accept set for offfers over a certain amount. I wake up this morning and find an email from a buyer who states that she put in an offer on my bag, but she's new so she hopes that's ok. She says she has pp and can pay immediately.

    Since her offer was only $5 less than my asking price, it was auto accepted. I see what happened this morning and while I'm not thrilled that she's new, I recognize that we all have 0 fb at some point, so I email her a response to her original email saying that her offer was accepted as long as her address is confirmed, we're ok. I do tell her that I will only ship to a confirmed address for both of our protection.

    I send her an invoice (and also put instructions in the invoice to make sure her address is confirmed). I see nothing as I'm generating the invoice that indicates her address is confirmed (and since she's new, I think it takes a few days to confirm it anyway). Additionally, I have not received any response from her in any way - no payment, no answer to my email, etc.

    So now I'm nervous and I don't know what to do. I know that buyers have up to 7 days to pay, but I'm not sure if I should try to contact her again yet or not (she's in CA and I'm in PA, so it's only just about noon there now) - I don't want to seem like I'm hounding her, but I want to make sure she's at least in the process of confirming her address or else I will have to relist this bag. I am willing to work with her to go through with the transaction, but will not unless she will comply with my terms . . .

    Should I email her again? At what point do you start to worry about non-paying bidders?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. What I would.
    1- check out her address, is it real?
    2- Google her name, interesting what might come up.
    3- Give her the benefit of the doubt, she did email b4 placing her offer.
    4- She can confirm her address immediately by putting a 2nd credit card on file.

    How much $ are we talking about?
    My best buyers have been 0 feedback and most have paid with money order, gotta love that.
    When you ship, follow Paypal rules, get signature confirmation and insure.
    Keep us posted, good luck!
  3. Thanks LT bag lady!

    I checked that site and her address does check out as real. Nothing funky on google.

    I am giving her the benefit of the doubt - I had 0 fb too once and I am a new seller, so she's taking a risk in that regard.

    I'm just nervous now b/c she's not in contact w/me. Hopefully, she'll be in touch soon and we can get her addy confirmed and this bag on its way to her.

    The transaction is a higher end one (almost $1000), so that's why I'm a touch nervous! I will definitely keep you posted and thanks again!
  4. I had someone do a BIN last niight and they haven't paid either, I'd give her some more time. Ebay is also having some problems this weekend. Your little ones are cute! I am in PA, too!
  5. maybe the buyer is busy or still haven't got a chance in opening her email... wait for 1-2days then try email this new buyer again... hopefully the buyer reciprocate... as far as NPB Non-Paying Bidder, you are pretty much have to wait for 7 days (according to eBay rule)...
  6. babidius - thanks (for the advice and compliments)! Where in Pa are you - we're outside Philly near the main line area.

    Anyway, I still haven't heard from the buyer (which I know is still early) and I checked paypal and she's not a member there yet, so hopefully she'll get either the invoice or my emails and get the ball rolling.

    Otherwise, I guess I have to wait 10 day for NPB and relist, right?
  7. Sorry, saw this after I posted. I definitely have no issue waiting and working with the buyer, I just am nervous! But I really appreciate the advice!
  8. :tup::tup:
  9. Well, here's the latest: the buyer finally contacted me yesterday saying she doesn't know what's going on- she gave paypal her 2 ccs to confirm her address and doesn't know why it's taking so long.

    Anyway, I check today - she's not even registered with paypal yet. I've sent her an email letting her know that she needs to sign up for paypal and confirm her address before we can complete things, and to email me for any help, but she's not responding at all :sad:

    So I guess all I can do now is wait, correct?
  10. Yeah, I would just wait til after the 7th day and file a NPB on her. I'm outside Philly, too but on the other side, I'm in Bucks County.
  11. ^^^^^ Alright - thanks! Nice to know someone relatively close to me too! *waves*