HELP!! Selling some jeans on Craigslist and the buyer wants to meet to try them on...

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  1. ...and I am not sure what a safe meeting place would be so that she can try them on! I will have like 9 pairs of jeans for her to try on, so it needs to be somewhere where it would be OK to bring them in.

    Any suggestions? I am new to this whole selling on Craigslist thing! LOL

  2. I'd probably tell them to meet me at the mall, and let them try them on in the stall of one of the mall bathrooms. This way you can still be there while they try them on.
  3. Yes definately some place public because of all the weird things happening on Craigslist.
    Please be safe and bring a friend....
  4. Ugh, people are SO weird about buying jeans online. Am I the only one who thinks this is a completely ridiculous demand??

    And ITA, bring someone with you! And don't, under any circumstances, meet at their home or yours!
  5. I hate it when people on CL want to try your stuff on. I would just meet at a mall like Fab suggested, cause you surely don't want them at your house. Take a friend and of course meet in a public place.

    And from now on, give measurements and just tell people that they can't try stuff on. Or at least thats what I would do. Good luck!
  6. ^^Oooh a mall is a GREAT idea! Thanks everyone! I was almost thinking the airport (LOL!!) but a mall would be a much better idea.

    I will bring my sister with me.

    Thanks again! :smile:
  7. I sell clothes on CL from time to time and I am glad no one has asked to try clothes. But I have to say jeans though, are pretty tricky - you only know how they would look on you if you try it on. Unless you can tell them the exact style and size so they can go try it in the store first then buy it from you.
  8. The mall is a good idea...

    or... maybe even like a McDonalds or something? She could try them on in the restroom???
  9. I was going to suggest a Starbucks because you want to choose a place where there is only ONE way in, and ONE way out. Most Starbuck's bathroom's I've seen have just that one door to go in and out, the room has no windows, and only one person is allowed in at one time. I think that's a safer place to let her try on the jeans.

    I still think it's a weird request...usually people know their size before trying it on. Why doesn't she just go to a mall, try on the brands that you're selling, and then buy the ones she likes?? It all sounds super shady to me, the norm on selling on craigslist is that they know what they're searching for and hence don't really need to "try them on".

    Be careful OP, I smell something fishy.
  10. I'd tell her to go to a mall and try the stores stock on to see if they aren't a store!!
  11. I know I feel a little nervous...but I am going to try and talk my sister into coming in with me.

    She suggested that she try them on in the bathroom stall at the mall, and I could just wait by the sink area.

    Worst case scenario -- what could happen? I am a total newb to this whole Craigslist thing, and don't want to get scammed.

    She said she would pay in cash for whatever jeans she wanted.
  12. Great suggestion!
  13. This is wierd, kinda. They should know what size of jeans they take... oh well. I say the mall!
  14. i agree!

    now that you've agreed to it, i guess go through with it, but think of CL as a garage sale. things are sold as is, no frills. you AREN'T a store and the formalities aren't even as nice as ebay, so unless you're just desperate for a sale (and even the priciest jeans don't turn much once used), make it clear that the person should know their size in said brand and there are no returns whatsoever. people do this with listings on ebay ALL of the time, and once you're burned you know why.

    this leads me to believe she may put you through this hassle and then say, oh well they didn't fit like i thought, too bad. now you've gone to the trouble of meeting her, hauling the jeans around and have nothing to show for it. i'd give measurements, tell her to try them on a store and if she can't be bothered, she can go pay full price. you are very generous!
  15. ^ Thanks. I really hope she ends up buying at least one pair (oh, and my (male) cousin and his fiancee are going with me tomorrow! Phew!)

    This whole craigslist thing is foreign to me...besides these jeans, I am hoping I don't need to use it again! LOL