Help selling Be&D

  1. Hi girls,

    Fairly new to TPF and have been reading all the great posts! Thought I would ask for a little advice. I have a Be&D garbo listed (2nd time around:crybaby: ), put everything I could on the listing, great pics, can supply copy of receipt to winner - yet still no bids!:confused1: I purchased the bag from BG @ a great price after christmas, so it is listed at a great price!

    xxxxxxxxx Thanks, emzmuda

    no one is allowed to post their eBay auctions or IDs here.
  2. BE&D for some reason is not as popular on eBay as other designers and they often sell for substantial discounts. I don't think its a question of authenticity, but more likely popularity. You might want to check and see what others are selling theirs for or getting and readjust your price accordingly.
  3. Thanks for the advice!:smile: