Help seller won't send me an invoice - I want out =(

  1. I bought a couple of costumes from a seller over a week ago. I am still waiting for an invoice (because I am from Canada and the seller is in the States the shipping total doesn't come up).

    I've emailed twice now asking for an invoice and also asking her to see what it would cost for the fastest shipping possible.

    I need these costumes for a school play and now I am really worried that i she ever does contact me the costumes will be here too late.

    I've bought from this seller before with no problems but she does have bad fb (98% but is HIGH seller so they actually have over 1000 negs)

    I would really just like to cancel this order and buy from someone else.

  2. Why don't you request contact information from eBay and call her?
  3. Well - that's just too damn simple now isn't it Gina ;) LOL I never thought of that -- thanks.

    by the way - now that I think of it - hpw does someone with that many negs STAY on eBay? arrrgh
  4. I'm not sure if this will work, but at least two days ago I bought something that didn't had any specific shipping charges and I bought multiple items from the seller (wich one of them did have shipping charges on it) When I went to pay eBay gave me the option to adjust the charges and I just added the quote I checked online. Then I told the seller to contacted me back if they need to adjust it. Lucky me he shipped the package. (I really tought he was going to charge me more) I imagine that if you bought before from her maybe you have an idea of her shipping charges. Try to see if you can adjust the payment. Good Luck!

  5. haha

    Sounds like the seller has such a huge volume?
    I think ebay goes by the percentage not the number?

    Maybe seller is overwhelmed and doesn't communicate or is way behind on the invoice sending. Not a good sign to get your costumes in time!
  6. ARRRGGGH! I feel for you Nyria! I bought a sweater in an auction that ended on Monday, and it didn't specify shipping charges (normally, I never buy when someone doesn't specify the charges, but they had very good feedback, so I took a chance!). Didn't hear from the seller for a couple of days in spite of the fact that I'd emailed a couple of times asking for the shipping charges.

    Finally, yesterday I just added $7 to the 'shipping charges' field and paid for the sweater (it was only $8.99), since I was worried that the seller wasn't getting my emails and I didn't want him to think I was a deadbeat bidder. I FINALLY heard back from him after that--he said, "thanks for your payment, my wife misplaced the sweater, but we'll find it and I'll be back in touch soon."

    I replied that it was okay, and all they had to do was just refund me if they don't find the sweater, and I'd still leave positive feedback. Haven't heard from him yet, and I plan to wait until next Monday to take any action/ask for my refund. It's not a lot of money, but it's the principle of the thing! If you've lost a sweater, then refund the buyer and cancel the auction! Such a load of bull.

    Anyway...I feel your pain!!! :cursing:
  7. oh this is ridiculous! goodluck to u N..... but im here reading these posts to remind me NOT to go on ebay. (in the end- it wont hurt me. i spend enuf already without ebay!