Help!! Seller sold me two different size shoes!!

  1. Uggg I'm really disappointed over this whole transaction. I bid aggressivly and won a pair of pink Jimmy Choo slingbacks off a seller with over 200 positive feedbacks. I was sooooo excited to get these shoes, they were so beautiful. I had to email her 3 times to get a tracking number and she never responded. I finally got my shoes (shipped 6 days later than she told me they shipped). I look over my beauties and what do you know, one shoe is a 36 and the other is a 36 1/2!!! So I email her saying this is just not acceptable that this has been a waste of time and money for me and with the email I got back I am under the impression that a) she dont believe me and b) she don't care and shes not gonna do anything. The auction said no returns, I'd be happy with partial payment back and I keep the shoes. Somehow I think this is gonna end badly. Should I contact eBay? She wants pictures. I will take some, but what does that prove? How do you sell something like this and not know? :tdown:
  2. I'd like to see the auction. Can you post the number or the link?

  3. Sure. Later tonight I will post the pictures that I am going to email her.

    Also, notice that she is holding up the sole where it says 36 1/2? Well in the picture next to it you can clearly see that the soles are two different colors and that is the case with my shoes. They are two different shoes. How could you not notcie that?
  4. If she doesn't accept what you say then you need to file a claim with Paypal for not as described. I don't really understand why she thinks you're lying, how on earth would you switch them??!! Make sure you take pics of the bottoms showing the size and send them to her
  5. Thanks for the link! I would file a SNAD and return the shoes for a refund. Cute shoes by the way!
  6. Personally I think that's BS. There's no way that she didn't know the shoes were 2 different sizes. If she doesn't refund you, I'd file a complaint.

    But, the shoes are super cute, if they fit you, then keep them.
  7. I find it interesting that all of the other pictures include both shoes, but in the picture that shows the size, only one shoe was photographed. I would definitely file a complaint with Paypal if she doesn't compromise and agree to give you a partial refund.
  8. I owned a pair of shoes for over a year and didn't know they were 1/2 size off. My roommate borrowed them for an interview, and she noticed the difference. The 1/2 on one of the shoes had rubbed off, so it was really difficult to see. Anyway, just saying it does happen. But it is strange that the seller thinks the OP switched the shoes.
  9. Definitely file a complaint, this doesn't match the description at all !
  10. Can you take a picture of the bottom? You can show that to the seller.
  11. Usually sellers show aphoto of both soles to prove no wear or mild wear.....this is very suspect
  12. That's horrible. Good luck! I hope you get your money back!
  13. I wouldn't settle for a partial payment!! You should definitely be able to get a full refund!! Who wants a pair of shoes in two different sizes??
  14. Yep, and the listing says 36 1/2; they don't mention that one shoe is 36! Possibly the seller made a mistake when he/she bought them, but that's not fair to make you pay for the mistake! Best of luck in the SNAD claim--you deserve a refund.
  15. Update: Thanks everyone! I filed a dispute and she refunded my money-all of it. I had to basically harrass her to solve this as she was clearly not keen on refunding me my money. She even sent an email telling me "I don't accept returns". They were two different shoe sizes!! Anyway she called me rude and told me to never buy from her again. Thats fine by me.

    This is what she sent me by the way



    I find it really strange that she only took one picture of one sole, despite have plenty of photos.