help seller sells bag is stuck at customs.

  1. I have a bag I ordered over two weeks from eBay the seller says is stuck at US Customs. How can I find out whats the problem seller says she is checking. But could I check too? Grrr want my bag:cursing:
  2. NOw my account is SUSPENDED> They said my account was linked to a close one. Help????
  3. Sorry, I'm a little confuse, did you get the tracking number? If it's hold by custom, you should find it in item status at the online trace system. Usually for international parcel, there are local custom inspection and receiver country inspection. Receiver country inspection sometimes take 1-2 weeks
  4. sorry its been there since the 5th of August. I ahve a tracking number and it say interntaion arrival but nothing else.
  5. Can't you ring the post office and see where the bag is so you can go and collect it?
  6. That's nothing. I had an LV Dome take like 5 weeks to go through customs. Give it time.
  7. That's one of my fears! Where are you located? I think you should be able to call customs or the post office to help move the package along. Good luck!