HELP!!! Seller says he's the only one

  1. Selling the item that I already listed before he! In addition, my auction ends late tonight. I need to report this, but I can't find the proper link to do it through at the bottom of his listing. HELP!!!!!!
  2. What are you trying to report him for specifically? His auction text says "The only one for sale on eBay"? Im just trying to understand so I can properly direct you.
  3. Yes. Exactly. Thank you Bestinclothes!
  4. If his auction says - the only one for sale on eBay - and that is what you want to report, I wouldn't bother really.

    If people want one of whatever it is you are both selling then they type it in the search area and both your auctions will come up. If he has used your photos or something then you have something to report, but I don't think you can report his auction just for making a mistake, sorry.
  5. Well there isn't an exact fit, and Im not sure that eBay will pull for this but I'd TRY

    Listing policy violations>misleading title>intentionally misleading or deceptive title.
  6. i agree, it'd be a waste of time
  7. i don't see why it matters....
  8. I agree with the rest here. It would be a waste of time. If a buyer does a search, both of the items will pop up. Its not worth your hassle to try and report it.
  9. Agreed. It doesn't matter. Yours will come up too.
  10. Yes - I really wouldn't worry about it:smile:
  11. Yeah it doesn't really matter and I don't think ebay will bother with it. He isn't harming anything and buyers will see that he isn't the only one selling the bag and they can make their decision on which to buy from there.
  12. okay, did it. Let's see what happens. Thanks bestinclothes for the guidance!
  13. are you intimidated that your item will not go for as much as yuou would like? a lot of sellers put this because at the time, they see that. it can take up to 24 hours for your item to show so they proabably did not see that. i feel that it is wrong of you to try to intervene in his business even if it says only one on ebay. if buyers type in what they want and do a search, they will see all the items that have those words.
    not to be mean but i don't think ebay can take his listing down for that
  14. I dont see the big deal. Maybe at the time of him listing he thought it was the only one....and didnt do a search every day to see if another was listed.

    If you are selling the same item, then it will come up in a search when people are looking for that item.

    So no worry on your part.
  15. you can't report someone just because they are selling the same thing you are even if he states only one on ebay...waste of time to worry