Help-seller refusing to post item

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  1. Need some guidance. Have bought a MJ handbag on eBay on 13th Feb and seller has been very elusive as to when the item will be posted. I have sent at least 5 emails to seller asking when the item will be posted and for a tracking number. In desperation I filed a dispute with paypal. Seller then emails me and tells me I have to cancel the dispute with paypal otherwise they cannot send me the item and that paypal are holding the money. Interesting as the transaction on paypal is showing as complete which apparently means the money has been deposited into the sellers account. Should I cancel the dispute? What do I do?
  2. Do not cancel the dispute!!! I can't believe the seller hasn't sent the item yet! Did you have public holiday or something recently? Did they say why they hadn't sent the bag earlier or why they hadn't responded?

    At this point I think your only option is to get the seller to fully refund you or escalate the claim to paypal to get your money back. Since the seller hasn't sent the item, you will get your money back with no problem. If you still want the bag, then get the seller to refund you the money FIRST and then make ANOTHER payment! Whatever you do, do not cancel the dispute until you get your money back or you get the bag! If you cancel the dispute, you will not be able to open another for this payment! Thus, ask the seller to refund you and make another payment - just incase anything goes wrong later, you can still dispute it.
  3. thanks for your response. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and seller is located in US. Apparently there was a public holiday in the US on Monday. Seller advised they didn't send the bag earlier because they have to check the bag and that is has been in the process to be sent to me. Seller advised me today in response to my dispute, however didn't respond through paypall, saying there wasn't enough space to respond to my dispute. Not sure what that means exactly. Seller emailed me direct. Seller also advised me that the bag is ready to be shipped, but they won't ship until I cancel the dispute because it's made the transaction as if it's unpaid. Again not sure what this means? From what I understand from your response is that the seller should not be telling me to cancel the dispute as it has nothing to do with whether they can send me the bag or not. Willl take your advice in pursuing a refund. I had a feeling as soon as the seller wasn't being specific in a date to send item or provide a tracking number that I knew this was not a trustworthy seller. What if the seller refuses to refund me (USD $515.00)?
  4. When you contacted paypal, they froze her funds, she can't use or withdraw the $515 that you sent her. I think you shouldn't cancel the dispute. If you cancel it, you can't reopen it again, so if you don't receive the bag, you can't claim with paypal, because you already had a dispute open and closed.
    I think you should keep it open, and tell her that when you receive the bag you will cancel the dispute. Also it was a bank holiday on monday, and I think the user has 30 days to send your item? (could be wrong)
  5. The fact that Paypal has frozen her funds shouldn't be your problem, I'm sure she has the money somewhere other then in Paypal to send your bag. But then I can see it from the sellers point of view too, Perhaps she is afraid that you won't cancel the dispute. She would not win the dispute because the seller protection doesn't cover shipping to Australia... So she's probably concerned she'll lose the money and the bag!
  6. Hmmmmmmm Sounds fishy.
    Can you post the eBay item number so I can check out this seller?

    I wouldn't cancel either.
  7. I would not complete this transaction..I am sure you can find the same or similar bag elsewhere. Get a refund and move on...
  8. I would also cancel this transaction and fid another bag to bid on. Yes the payment is on hold if she didn't withdrawl it from Paypal but there is no reason for her to still not have shipped your bag 10 days later.
  9. If she refuses to refund you, then escalate it to a claim with paypal. Because she hasn't sent the item and therefore has no proof of post, you will win the claim. If she had money in her account at the time you filed the claim, you will get your money back. If she didn't then you might not get anything back... Did you pay with a credit card??? If so, you can still do a chargeback with our credit card!

    I think you should just tell her you want a refund because she's taken too long to post. There was a public holiday for one day, that's no excuse for taking so long to post.

    If you really want the bag then tell her after she refunds you, you will make _another_ payment. Otherwise, just tell her she took too long and now you're no longer interested.
  10. going through a similar, though slightly different process

    It is a load of BS what your seller is telling you - they can just state that they will send the bag (and give tracking number) and paypal will not do anything against them. Not true that this means that the item is unpaid. Once item has been received by you and paypal can check that through tracking (seller's responsibility but you should pay for that) then there shouldn't be a problem.
    if this is going nowhere escalate to a claim (just say you don't want to continue communication) and then they will find in your favour. Or state that you want a refund.

    If you go through with transaction, I would do the following: when the parcel arrives check it in front of the mailperson - if there isn't the bag you want in there refuse to accept the parcel (don't know if you can do that, you should ask paypal beforehand) or get this one to confirm that there was nothing (if it is empty) inside. I know this sounds paranoid but since the buyer is already strange, you never know.

    I believe that once you signed for the parcel and accepted it, paypal will step back. I am not sure though how it works if someone accepts the parcel on your behalf. Around here neighbours accept parcels which is not always a good thing (under these circumstances) - if this is the case for you, kindly ask them not to accept anything and rather get it from the post office yourself!

    Hope it all goes well, whatever you decide! BTW, get in touch with paypal via phone - I know it costs a lot but it is worth it in the end. they will give you direct advice.
  11. Hm, I am not sure whether they will automatically refund - if the seller sends the bag in the ten days of the claim and proves that, I don't think there will be a refund.

    As for holding money in the account, if there is a neg balance stated in the claim, does that mean that there is money in the account? Or can you only find out after it was decided in your favour?

  12. I just had this happen. I sent a package that never got there. When she filed a claim with Paypal the indicator in eBay that says an item is paid for was erased. So in My eBay it still says waiting for payment on that item. Paypal put a hold on that amount. I did ask her to wait a few days just to make sure it wasn't going to show up then refunded her money. I learned my lesson and everything goes with signature confirmation now. Did she say why it is taking her so long to ship your item??
  13. Hi, the ebay item number is 290082675774. Thank you
  14. thank you everyone for your replies. Paypal dispute has been escalated to a claim and have called the customer service centre this morning. At the end of the day if the seller has the funds in their paypal account I'll receive a full refund, if the seller doesn't have enough funds and won't refund me etc I'll receive $200 minus $25 fee. Need to wait for 10 calendar days to pass before this will happen. Have emailed seller and advised I want a refund. WE'll see how that goes, yet to receive a reply. The item still hasn't been shipped. The ebay item number is 290082675774. Thanks again for all the helpful advice.
  15. DON'T CANCEL IT> OTHERWISE THE SELLER WON'T SEND IT! Paypal will not let you file another claim if you don't get it. If she sends it and submits a tarckign number through paypal, paypal will close the complaint. She sounds liek she's trying to scam you.