**help** Seller Only Ships To Confirmed Address


Jan 25, 2007
I need some suggestions as to what to do. I am bidding on an item, that states clearly that ONLY SHIPS TO CONFIRMED ADDRESS

My home address is confirmed thru credit card on paypal, but right now I am away at college, and my address is totally different. I would like the seller to send to the address I am at now, not my home.

Is there any way I could confirm my college address with paypal, or should I explain to the seller my situation? I don't want the seller to think I am trying to pull a scam of some sort when im not.

What would you do?
You can confirm your college address with Paypal - as long as you can add some account that has your college address on it. Go to my profile click on add a bank,debit, or CC account -whichever one applies - and input your college address. Then wait for Paypal's email with the steps to become confirmed. When you pay for your item, make sure you select the correct ship to address before you send the payment.

Another thing is add a secondary address directly with your credit card, once you do that you can go back to Paypal and add that secondary address (or make it a change of address) as well. Only thing is this process may take more than 14 days because some credit card companies would probably need to confirm the change with you via snail mail. Just things some CC companies need to do to protect themselevs and you...

If none of that works, mailing it to the original confirmed address would be your only way to go.