HELP! seller *LIED* about retail price of bag!!

  1. I just won an Andrew Marc bag on eBay. I had set it up to be sniped a few days ago based on the MSRP that the seller had put on the listing. I just searched the item and found it on Neiman Marcus...for $250 less than she said the retail price was!! It's not on sale at Neiman Marcus right now, so the current price is the REAL retail price. What should I do? I'm angry that I bid so high and I should have done this research beforehand, but I believed the seller's auction.

    I still want the bag, but not considering that she falsified information about it.
    Is it a violation of eBay policy to lie about the value of items? :confused1:

    What should I do??
  2. what country is this seller in? it might be more if they are not from the US. i don't know what can be done....sometimes people forget or just guess. it's frustrating but i have a feeling eBay won't do anything about it.
  3. she's in the US... not even the biggest bag from this particular collection is $750. the most expensive in that entire line is $695...

    and you're right. i just contacted ebay and they said that this wouldn't fall under the "significantly not as described" claims.

    i'm just hoping that she made an honest mistake, but i just don't trust ebay users anymore.
  4. I don't mean for this to sound harsh or anything but you should have done the research before bidding on the bag. I find that sellers often get bags at discounted prices (from sales or connections or whatever) so they'll always quote a higher price in the listing.

    The seller probably just guessed how much she paid for it or how much it's worth. I really don't think anything can be done. You can always not pay but you'll probably end up with a non-paying bidder strike against your account. But it might be worth it if NM has the same bag in the same color for over $200 less than the auction. ;) Hope that helps.
  5. I rather agree with the LadyV. Never believe prices quoted in auctions, if you know what you are buying you won't listen to what they say. Just as the key to anything is...Research research research! Know your item both as a seller and as a bidder! I am afraid there is nothing you can do.
  6. As a seller, it's often difficult to determine what the retail is or was on a particular bag, especially if it's one that is not longer being sold in stores. I recently sold an LV that I had authenticated here and was told that it originally sold for about $995. However the person I bought the bag from said she paid $1300 for it. If you look closely at listings that are all for the same item, you will find that each seller has a different original retail price. I've just been leaving it off my auctions because it just becomes so confusing for buyers and frustrating for me. I double Ebay or PayPal will be able to do anything for you and it's unfortunate this happened to you. In the future I would suggest researching the retail price.
  7. I don't believe any amount the seller posts unless there is a price tag included to back it up. I have seen sellers list MJ Stellas with retail costs of $2100 before... and apparently someone believed it because they paid near $1100 for a USED bag...:push:
  8. Some sellers will say just about anything to make their bag more desirable--only one on Ebay--sold out worldwide--rare--whatever. I just reported an auction where the bag was described as rare (it isn't), discontinued (it isn't), and an LV (it wasn't).

    Do your own research, but in the end, no matter what the original retail price is or was, your bid should reflect how much you want it and are willing to pay for it.
  9. Oh no bad one. Maybe the seller was overcharged for it too. Out of curiosity you might want to check how much the bidder before you was willing to pay. I dont see why the price would have gone that high if it wasnt worth that much. maybe it is a limited edition colour or something....Hope I helped
  10. Sellers lie ALL the time about retail price. I just saw an Hermes evelyne listed for over $1000 more than you can get it in the store (about a 40% overstatement of retail) -- and they are widely available. Stellas too (I have been looking to buy one on ebay LOL).

    For LV -- just check to find the current retail price -- that is easy.

    I see no reason to "estimate" retail value in your auction for regular bags -- you either know it or you don't. Or at the very least, say you are estimating it.
  11. For what it's worth, I've been selling Andrew Marc bags too (have one right now I'm going to list) and one, it's hard to know even which BAG you have as they ALL are identical or very similar with VERY slight size changes. Two, she most likely bought it at a discount store and it is QUITE likely that the tag said it cost $750 or whatever the amount was. I have one right now that said the original price was $695, but it ISN'T... because that's the McKenzie bag (the biggest) and I have the next size down which is what... the Ava??? (See even I don't know).

    But like everyone else said, there's nothing you can do about it. They are LOVELY bags though - VERY well made and so practical and the leather is HEAVENLY, so just ENJOY your bag.
  12. OK, i'm confused. I just took a look at the auctions and there was one bag that was listed as $750 yesterday and it sold for $223. And, REALLY, a bag of this quality is worth SOOOOOOO much more than that. Then, I looked up this bag on NM and it DOES say $750, on sale for $450...

    Then, I see there was an Ava bag that sold for $221.... again, WAY under retail and the bag is to die for and that retail price is $795 at NM and on sale $398....

    Am I missing something here???
  13. As a buyer you should always do your research. Not the sellers fault that you bid too high! People do this with LV all the time...or they lie about it being sold out!
  14. Unfortunately, a lot of sellers inflate prices -- not just for handbags, but many other items too. As a buyer, you have to be careful.
  15. I never mention retail prices unless I am a) completely sure and b) think it is particularly relevant because I am offering a discount. I also tend not to buy on the basis of making a saving, but because I particularly want an item and can't find it in shops/elsewhere in which case I am often paying a premium for a difficult to find item. I wouldn't therefore factor in retail price very often and if it were important to me, I think probably I would check it first mostly because it is a marker of honesty of the seller. I am sorry you are so upset by this, but hope you love the bag when it arrives.