help seller alliemarried stole my listing

  1. :cursing: i'm sure this seller alliemaried, could she be a member of this forum.?. anyway, i'm browsing on eBay and i stumble this seller using my photo and description of the cite mm that i sold 2 weeks ago, she stole my listing. i can't believe how can this seller be too lazy to do her own photo and description. i already email her . and report her too. would the eBay will action on this report???

    can someone help me report her? here is her listing 110138332108
  2. As long as she doesn't take the stolen stuff down before eBay reviews your report, they will remove the listing. Sometimes it takes a little while, though.

    All the rest of us can do is harass that seller, which personally isn't really my thing. Unfortunately we can't report these things, as the person who was stolen from has to report it themselves, which you have done (I have tried to report things like this before and eBay wouldn't do anything because it wasn't my stuff that was stolen).
  3. thanks, i hope ebay will do something on this.
    very irritating.
  4. Hi:

    As with my copy cat, ebay will take some time to investigate before acting but the will act. My problem was taken care of by the time I got up this morning.

    Hang in there! ;)
  5. oppps sorry swanky mama didn't know , sorry again


    well i hope ebay will act fast before some poor innocent buyer buy it from her. and i email her second time now , no respose yet.

    what i don't understand is this seller is a power seller and can't believe she is not following through the ebay policy.
    i guess i'll keep on bugging her and ebay for this matter

  6. I used to buy things from her and she sent me the wrong item. So, I reported to Paypal. She still insisted that she sent the right item!! Unbelievable!! Finally, she apologized me that she found the bag in her closet and her daughter sent the wrong item to me. How this's supposed to be happened?? Never check the item before shipping?? Just her excuse, So Pathetic Seller!! Never do business with her again for sure!!
  7. well.i don't know if ebay contacted her or my emails that i send her, finally she get her butt off the cauch and took her own photo.
    happy ending for me.