Help selecting engagement rings- Tiffany Embrace or Cartier 1895

  1. Hi I have been a long time member of the forum but this is my first post. It is that time in my life- discussing engagement rings. I thought this process would be a breeze but turning out not quite so. I started with the classic tiffany setting which I think is lovely. Then one day I just wandered into Cartier and fell in love with Cartier 1895, the simple one without pave.

    My boyfriend wants me to have the ring that I would love, but he only wants to see it on my hand after he proposes. So we have not gone ring shopping together, which makes this harder. He too likes the classic Tiffany but prefers the 1895.

    The twist to the tale is that I went back to Cartier and Tiffany and while there, tried the Embrace and fell in love with that one too. Its dainty and quite lovely. I came back and told him this and now all his best laid plans are all topsy turvy :p . Well I am driving him nuts with my indisiveness. One minute 1895 and the next minute Embrace.

    So I want to turn to all you guys on the TPF to help me with this dilema. Should I go with the timeless Cartier 1895 or the delicate Embrace? Most likely it will be one or the other. FI still likes the 1895. oh and we are looking for something over a carat and for around $15-20K.
  2. Could you possibly post pictures to compare them?
  3. Embrace! Embrace! Though I may be a bit biased as my boyfriend just bought the Embrace a few weeks ago for my engagement ring! =)

    But really, it is such a delicate and dainty setting. When I first started looking for rings, I thought I wanted a super simple plan ring, but then a sales associate at Tiffany said I should try the Embrace on. As she brought it over to me, I was thinking to myself that I was going to hate it, but then I tried it on and instantly changed my mind. It is a stunning ring, that makes a serious statement.

    My boyfriend hasn't actually proposed yet, so I can't post pictures of my ring yet. Mine is slightly under a carat, but when I compared it to one that was just over a carat, I could not tell the difference. The halo really makes the center stone look so much larger. So with your budget you'll definitely be able to get over a carat, which will probably look closer to a 1.5 carat, if not larger!

    Anyway, my vote is for the Embrace! Can you take a trusted friend to look at the different options? I think in the end you have to go with your gut instinct. Good luck!
  4. Love the Embrace!
  5. Yes, loving the Embrace!
  6. I'm usually a Tiffany girl and my e-ring is Tiffany, but I prefer the 1895. I prefer comfortable settings and I'm kind of over halos. They do make the center stone look bigger, which is why EVERY bride is getting them now it seems.
  7. They are both very pretty. What will your center stone be? I also think that the solitaire will really showcase the stone especially if it is in the upper range of the 4Cs. The solitaire does show the beauty of the stone more than the halo.

    Also will you be wearing this ring daily? Sometimes that will help determine which is better suited for you.
  8. The Cartier is simple elegance & the Embrace has a WOW factor. Good luck in deciding.
  9. the embrace.
  10. I personally go with the Cartier. More classic. Larger center stone. I think the Halo thing you may tire of someday. Not to mention there really isn't a matching wedding band that will sit flush against it, and you can likely have a flush band with the Cartier.
  11. Embrace! I thought I wanted a plain solitaire but when the halo got on my finger it felt right. Have you tried both on?

    And halos aren't just to make the center larger, or at least i dont think. Sometimes it's just an accent and design feature. Granted some girls do get halos to make it look larger but the design of the embrace is not one of those that was made that way. But it's definitely just a personal preference.
  12. I think you should try both of the rings on since they both look totally different. I never would have guessed that I would go for a halo setting as well until I tried on my e-ring. My DF and I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on my finger. :love:

    whoops, I think our center stone alone would have been substantial for us, but we decided to go with the overall design with a halo. ;)
  13. definitely! if i put my center stone into a simple solitaire I still would have been ecstatic! In fact, I suggested it when we decided to upgrade the quality of the center stone but DF wouldn't have it. He just LOVED the halo and calls it my "roof rack". LOL He said that seeing the solitaire on my finger was like seeing a SUV without the roof rack... that something was missing... and then when we tried the halo, he just knew that was it!

    OP - you can't go wrong with either style! Both are incredible settings and quality brands. Have you compared what you can get for your budget? Granted the same color and clarity, is there a size difference for the budget? and if so, how large? Might help us give advice for you better?
  14. Both are very pretty, I prefer the Cartier, Classic and Timeless
    Good luck !!