Help! Seeking Large Chloe Betty Tote w/Chain Straps!

  1. I have a new obsession with Chloe bags and am desperately seeking a large Chloe Betty Chain strap bag. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!

  2. Is this what you are looking for? Have it checked in the ATC before bidding, in any case!

    Good luck in your quest for the right Betty:woohoo:... I'm in love with this stye...:love:
  3. I owned one in the past and you know - right? - that it is a HUGE bag and very heavy to carry with the two heavy metal chains?
  4. BUTTTTT It's drop dead gorgeous looking and if you find one it's usually 80% off it's original price! Just don't load it up with coins and stuff (see less is more thread) and you should be (sort of) fine?
  5. I, too, had one of those double handle chain LARGE Betty's. I absolutely adored the look, but returned it because the stitching in the strap came loose--which probably was a blessing, because as Div mentioned, it is extremely heavy, but it looked good!!
  6. I know it's big but I like big bags.

    Btw, the one currently on eBay is not authentic. I know bc I had bought it and then returned it because it wasn't authentic. The zipper pulls came off and you could tell the quality of the leather was bad. It was something you'd find on DHGate.

    Anyway, if anyone comes across one of these please let me know!


  7. WHAT? I hope you left feedback to warn others about the bag?
  8. Hope you find your bag...I am still on the hunt for a Chain Betty with one strap...before my student loan payment come due!!! Good luck!!!
  9. There are a bunch of small ones on eBay right now as well as one large one in bronze (did that bag really come in bronze) but no black ones with the exception of the fake one. I can't wait till the day I find it. :smile:
  10. Hope you find one soon, seems like I do remember seeing them in Bronze (maybe Aloha Rag or Intermix)--I think someone posted pics from an Intermix sale??, I know there was the tote and larger Betty in a color called argent??, which is a pewter/bronze color. As I mentioned before, I did have the black one but returned it, as has been mentioned, it is a hot looking bag!!
  11. I used to have a picture of me sporting it and I did so love the style. But mine, too, started unravelling and I was relieved when Neiman's took it back. I think there is a picture of Carmen Electra carrying one in the celebrity section? And it did come in different colors!
  12. I have the Betty Chain Satchel and although it is heavy..I love is so pretty, it's worth lugging around the extra weight! Good luck with your search!