Help! Seeking a gold or silver leather shoulder bag

  1. my best friend asked me to find a perfect work bag for her since she thinks i'm the bag expert out of our group of friends. i'm afraid i have let her down, cuz i couldn't think of that many right on the spot.

    so i'm turning to my favorite TPF members for help! :p

    she wants a leather shoulder bag in a metallic color (gold or silver), but she doesn't want the shiny/glazed look. she digs the more subtle, low-profile matte finish look.

    the bag should preferably comes with 2 shoulder straps, which can be hand carried as well as slung over the shoulders. she usually carries a lot to work, so she wants a roomy bag, but not too bulky since she is a very fashionable looking girl.

    her budget is around US450.

    i showed her some Hayden-Harnett bags since they just came out with this great soft gold color, but she wants a more work-suitable bag. i also showed her Tano and Goldenbleu, some Anna Corinna, but she did not show much interest in them.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  2. OH YEAH, she likes the Gustto i showed her. the Parina and the Baca. but they're more casual bags...not work bags. but that's her style preference.
  3. anyone? help? TIA!!
  4. I looked up and net-a-porter and there were some great golden bags, but all were over 1000$ :s.
  5. What about the Coach bags? They have their signature patterns with brushed gold accents as the piping, handles etc. let me see if i can find a pic.
  6. i have a great coach bag but i think it's smaller than she needs- it's a hobo. i think they made other styles in the same brushed gold though. i would check it out.
  7. oh i wasnt offering my bag to be clear but saying i would reccomend the style. lol
  8. She could pick up a Botkier trigger bag in that price range on sale or on eBay. It has a soft metalic look and lots of pockets. Makes a great work bag.

    She may have better luck waiting another month or so for more Spring stuff to come out since metallics are "hot" for spring.
  9. yay! thanks for all of your inputs. i will suggest the Coach and the Botkier to her first.

    really appreciate all of your help!! =D