HELP! sea's losing her mind here! :)


which one to keep?

  1. lose the fbf, u don't use it much anyway!

  2. lose the city, u have other city to love!

  3. sell one of ut other bag although it would drive u crazy to decide!

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  1. HELP! which one to keep?

    dark coffee fbf '02 with the smoothest leather ever?
    pros : i LOVE the long strap, and it's an iconic piece
    cons : it's small and i don't use it much, not even once a month!

    dark coffee city with silver hardware also with the smoothest leather ever! it's from maybe '03 or '04? it doesn't have the silver tag yet like the black city 04 i had...
    pros : i LOVE the size and def. use it much more than the fbf
    cons : i miss the long strap here :sad:


    final option is lose one of my other bag
    which would be very very very hard for me to do :crybaby:
  2. keep the flat brass, honey - and carry around less stuff so you can use it more!
    : )
  3. No point in hanging onto a bag if you don't use it much! :shrugs:
  4. ooh, i would keep the it, but if you don't use it, get another bag that you would use more. good luck!
  5. i can't carry around less stuff LOL
    i'm going to one place to another in a day i sometimes need to carry lots for different purposes :p
  6. ^^ ITA, give up what you don't use.

    They are both gorgeous and the silver really pops on the dark chocolate leather.

    Isn't the strap of the city the same length as the long first, about 24"?
  7. Sea... sell both to buy more :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. RealDealCollection, i think it's shorter than the first i got :sad: not sure teh measurement though.

    girlycharlie, some seconds i thought of doing that :roflmfao:
  9. I try and sell any bag that is not getting used enough. I just can't justify the money my bags are worth if they are only sitting in a box in my closet!
  10. You should sell the city...To me
  11. Oh sea.. how tough your choices are. Your FBF is a classic & definetely a keeper...but it's not usefull for you. I might sacrifice a CITY since you have other city. But I do not know which one you're going to sacrifice besides I know that CITY carry more than FIRST. I think any one you choose will drive you nuts, not only the 3rd choice.
  12. LOL yes Virtual Shopper any kind of choice i have to make will drive me nuts LOL
  13. Sell the FBF if you don't use it.
  14. I agree with Cracker. Sell the FBF. Someone will love it and use it more often.
  15. Sell the FBF, if you don't love it and use it that much. It may be someone else's dream to have it and then you can get something you LOVE.