help! searching for ultimate soft in black

  1. Hi im from Australia and it is really hard to grab hold of a chanel bag but i totally love the ultimate soft in the medium... do chanel boutiques in US do international orders? and if so, has anyone come across it?... TIA!
  2. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America is scheduled to receive new ones here in the next month. They already have a beige one.
  3. I saw a medium Ultimate Soft in black at the Neiman Marcus - Fashion Island.

    Here is there information if you want to call:
    601 Newport Center Dr.
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

    Store hours:
    Mon - Fri 10-8
    Sat - 10-7
    Sun - 12-5
  4. thanks so much chanelboy and kirsten for your help. im gonna call Neiman Marcus and see if they still have the bag. =)
  5. Did you ever find this? I got one from the NY Sak's just recently. call and ask for Joseph @917-776-9353.I know that they ship internationally...Good luck.i got the beige....Its sexy!!
  6. if you are looking for the beige med. i know Neiman Marcus fashion island? has 2, you can ask for tiffany, she's super nice. you can tell her irene recommended her.