Help - Searching for that perfect present

  1. I stumbled on this forum while searching for the right handbag for my Fiance. Thanks to the wonderful Pink thread by Deana I decided to get her a Bubblegum 08 City bag that should arrive from Saks on Monday.

    Now I'm looking for a nice Coin Purse or Wallet to complement the City. My top choices are Bubblegum (to match the City), Turquoise, Aquamarine, Lilac or Cornflower. I've looked at eBay and some of the designer stores without success. So please if you have some pointers on resources let me know, Thanks! :yes:

    I think this must be addicting because if she likes these then I plan on tracking down a nice Twiggy and First for her in the New Year.


  2. you will make a fantastic husband!!! Turquoise would look awesome with pink!
  3. Damn it! You're a great catch. Great gift!

    Do you have any brothers? :graucho:

    Only kidding, really.

    Oh, as for the suggestion, anything Balenciaga will be fine. Anything.
  4. how come my boyfriend isn't this smart??? he always gets me computer and electronic things :confused1:

    anywho - i think turquoise would be nice. i know there is an o8 turquoise coming out, but i dont think it's out currently. you may want to check places like and to see if they have anything that jumps out at you. please be careful when ordering anything from eBay b/c there are TONS of fakes out always post in the "authenciate this" thread before bidding/purchasing :yes:

    eta: cornflower, lilac and aquamarine may be hard to find b/c they are past seasons colors.
  5. You ladies are a riot :p

    I'm resigned to the fact that the 08 Coin Purses will not be available before Christmas, so I know I need to line up something from past years. I have a lovely Aquamarine CP coming to me. What I'm looking for is really an 05 vibrant Bubblegum Coin Purse, or if they did an 07 that would work as well. I've done as much research as I could and tried both and along with a couple other online stores. But no one seems to have much outside of black or white purses and wallets.

    Last year I did the 12 days of Christmas for her, where I allowed her to open one present each day leading up to Christmas. This year its going to be just the night before and Christmas itself. On top of that her Birthday is at the end of the month :wtf:

  6. wow! you are so sweet. your fiance is going to love the bubblegum city.
  7. Wow! Your fiancee is really lucky and she will be SO pleased. If you want a coin purse before X'mas your best bet will be eb*y, as you've mentioned the stores/resellers you've looked up don't have any in. All the best!
  8. You need to tell her to join us here (after she opens her gifts of course) so we can tell her how envious we are of her! My husband doesn't have a clue.
    You have made great choices, she will love it all!
  9. Thanks RobotDoll, jo-ee & LoriB

    RobotDoll - cool name and your sig had me cracking up. Nothing sweet about me, I like my boys toys and she deserves a little something too :shame:

    Jo-ee, I'm looking, I was hoping someone knew of a dark room somewhere with a secret cache of these things.

    LoriB, I'm very, very afraid of pointing her in this direction considering the hours I have already been here looking at the threads. But I at least promise that she will donate a modeling shot of the 08 City. Then who knows I may make the mistake of sending her the link.

  10. There is a cornflower blue boobie/planet on realdealcollection that would look great with the bubblegum city IMHO!
  11. It's a long shot, but lets see.
    You have probably already seen this thread,
    Now, because I'm not in the U.S., I'm sadly not familiar with actual brick&mortar stores there. Have you tried BalNY? I would think that the actual Balenciaga stores get the whole range in as opposed to resellers. Have you considered BalParis? You can ring, they speak English if you don't speak French, and you can get it delivered to you. I can't remember offhand their number, but search for Bal Paris in the forums and a couple of threads will pop up.
    Also, based on that thread above, try Louisviaroma (If I got the name right), it's based in Europe too.
    Also, another long shot but have you tried Aloha Rag and . lists its items on the website, I haven't seen a coin purse there yet though in the last 2 months. AR may or may not have, I know they're not bringing in SS08 accessories so I wouldn't know if they brought in previous seasons'. You have to email them to ask for their stock as they don't show it on the website.
    Really hope you find a CP from somewhere!
  12. Thanks ladybugfreckle, though I don't think the boobies are what she would want. So I will likely pass. I think a coin purse (or two) and a wallet would be a perfect start to her collection along with the City that I have coming.

    Thanks again jo_ee, you're a great help! I had in my research gone to all the online stores mentioned in that other thread (great resource) and I continue to visit them for updates. I also sent an email to Aloha Rag and will call BalNY tomorrow. :yes:


  13. ^^^ No real advice except to say good luck with getting a coin purse and wallet. Those are 2 great additions to 'round out' the city bag for sure.

    From Jan you'll definitely find 08 pink accessories more easily, especially at department stores which have the advantage of returning if for some reason, she would prefer a contrasting colour instead. (Balny is final sale beyond 10 days from purchase).

    From one Brit to another, all the best and keep us posted on what you ended up choosing.
  14. Just curious, has she ever said that she liked Balenciaga or that she likes pink? What cued you into to think that was what she wanted?
  15. have you thought about getting a violet coin purse? that would go really well with pink and the violet was from the fall/winter 07.. hope this helps!! Let us know what you decide!!