Help: Searching for a SALE YSL Oversized Muse

  1. Hi Everyone,

    If any of you have seen this bag (in any colour except white) at any of the US department stores, please let me know. I live in Canada and have less access to wonderful resources as yourselves!

    I've posted this on the deals and steals board as well, but any help is appreciated.
  2. darn it. I must have missed it b/c its gone now.. I have been looking forever
  3. Do you have a YSL boutique near you? The easiest thing to do is find yourself a SA who will pull it and send what you want when they go on sale. They do go on sale, mine was a sale bag!
  4. Does the SA get a lower commission when the bag is sold on sale? I guess I don't understand what the benefit is to the SA of holding a bag until it goes on sale, and thus why they would go out of their way to do it for you.
  5. The benefit is building a loyal clientele that will return to you for subsequent sales and other purchases.