Help! Search for reissue 227 metalic black

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  1. Hi! Chanel ladies!I search for her for a long time. If you see her, please let me know!! Thanks a lot!!!
  2. If you haven't done so, I'd try calling the 800 number and having them try to locate one that way. You may also want to have the department stores do the same. It will probably be quicker than waiting for someone to mention it and I would think it could increase your likely hood of finding it. Good luck. :smile:
  3. Thanks for your reply! but I am not in USA. I want to ask my friend to buy it for me, but I don't know how to locate it.:crybaby:
  4. Maybe you can try the Chanel website and look up international boutiques.
  5. Do you have a local boutique where you live? If so, go in and see if they either have it or are able to get it from another store. I'll keep my eye out. Neiman Marcus in San Francisco had a few out this weekend but I didn't see any black. I believe they had the metallic gold and I *think* there was a silver. I'll also check out the boutique the next time I'm there for you.

    Edit: I do believe they ship internationally. If you are able to find it at a Nordstrom in the US, I know for sure they ship internationally.
  6. It's all sold out here!! I had asked my friend in HomgKong,and it's sold out ,too.The sales say I can try to buy it in USA. My friend in USA said I had to find it first that she can help to buy it. That's why I post mesage here!! And thanks you first!! You are so nice!!:smile:
  7. Excause me! Could you give the phone number? it's 800-????? Thanks a lot!!!
  8. 1 800 550 0005
  9. I heard the South Coast Plaza store has the metallic black in size 226, but not sure about the 227.
  10. It depends on what color hardware you are looking for? Chanel boutiques and Saks only have silver hw, NM and Nordies have them is gold hw. Try calling them around and I hope you find one!
  11. i think there is 227 metallic black at chanel wynn here in las vegas.
  12. oo, do you know if the metallic black 227 has silver or gold hw?? thanks!!