Help! Scuff marks on my new bag


Nov 17, 2006
This is when the pretty hardware on a bag can cause a some damage! I took a spill down a sidewalk on Friday and managed not not only skin my knee, but also my new Gryson bag! The scuff is just to the side of the trigger-lock. Any recommendations on how to buff it out?

Most hardware stores and the cleaning sections of groc. stores have metal polish. If it's brass, try a brass cleaner and a soft cloth. Good luck. I love the bag--very nice proportions, nice hardware, color, etc.--it's a beauty!
Sorry to hear that happened!!! If the hardware is solid brass you're in luck. A well equipped shoemaker or jeweler would be able to buff it out. Make some calls :yes:

If it is plated, unfortunately if it is a scuff as in "scratch", the metal plating is damaged. It may be able to be buffed out but typically plating is not that thick so someone would have to take a look at it to determine the extent of the damage and whether buffing would be feasible or reveal the nickel plated surface underneath.
Hey, how about a shoe repair kidding! They will probably do an excellent job, and if they can't they will tell you. My husband scuffed a cool pair of dress shoes really bad about two years ago, and he took them to our local shoe repair shop, and you couldn't even tell that anything ever happend to them. I'm sorry that happened to you.....good luck!!!