HELP-scratching legacy leather!

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  1. i've only worn my new coach legacy shoulder bag twice, and its so scratched up. I called my SA and she said that the vintage leather looks nice when, not so much!

    Is there really no way to take these scratches out? HELP!!!!!!!!
  2. Well this leather is supposed to look more retro, like early coach. So if you don't like the look take it back.
  3. Also did you try rubbing out the scratches?
  4. It's true that it is supposed to look that way. Basically beat up after awhile I suppose. You're supposed to be able to rub them out. The rubbing does not work for my bag unless I catch it right away and I don't because I have other things to do when I'm out and about. I asked an SA about it this weekend because mine really looks worn in already and she assured me that it's normal and it would all blend in better once it has aged and darkened. This style may not be for you if you're bothered by the scuffs and scratches.
  5. I knew that I'd be bothered by the scratches so I opted for the signature satchel. I've never seen it in had to be ordered so I hope I like it when it arrives on Friday. I did, however, buy again sight unseen the white legacy satchel which will be delivered on Friday as well. From what I could tell from the other styles of legacy line on display, the leather did not show the scratches as much, and in my opinion, did not look as worn in as the black.

    I just hope I made the right decision:s
  6. THe thing I like best about Coach is how great the leather becomes as it's being worn in.
  7. THe thing I like best about Coach is how great the leather becomes as it's being worn in.

  8. do the scratches bother you and do they blend as they age. which handbag did you get?
  9. does it really look that bad? i bought the satchel in whiskey and am also concerned about the scratches and the weight of it so it is still in the bag, until i can decide that is where it will be. what do you think you will do. will the store take it back?
  10. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and it does scratch, but they rub out. My hands are really dry, so when I see a scratch I lick my thumb slightly and then rub the scratch out and it works perfect. They say that the oils from your hands are what help to get rid of the scratches, but my SA is the one that taught me the "lick trick". I relate it to a baseball glove or saddle in that they do scratch and wear, but they blend back in too and add character. I am very OCD about things and I thought it would drive me insane, but it doesn't. I scratch mine all day long when I am getting in and out of it and putting stuff in and out of it, etc. I just take a little time to rub the scratches back out and all is wonderful again.
  11. thanks!! that helps i will probably keep it, because i really love it.
  12. I wouldn't lie to ya! Trust me when I say that I am a nut when it comes to the care of my bags! I was freaking out because at $400 for this bag and the thought that it might scratch and get rubbed darn near sent me over the edge. I kept it in the box for a week! I kept thinking the world would spin off it's axis if I scratched it, and what if it gets wet, and what if, what if, what if! I took a chance and this is my ALL TIME favorite bag hands down! I love the leather, the functionality, the look, EVERYTHING! I even returned the signature flap bag because I didn't use it and I didn't see me using it or anything else but this bag everyday, and I haven't regretted it. I do have a black chelsea bag that I use when it rains, but even the SA said it could take the rain. I just can't bring myself to completely let go and do that! This is the first bag my husband said he loves, which is a huge leap for him, too. I do hope that helps someone!
  13. i haven't used my ali yet, so i don't even know the care instructions for it.

    for my other leather bags, i moisturize the bag as soon as i get it home. this helps keep it in good shape and the scratches are barely -if at all- noticeable. my carly still looks brand new, and if anyone could see the way i treat that thing, it would amaze you that it looks the way it does.
  14. Do NOT moisturize the vintage leather on the Legacy bags -- it will stain the leather and look like crap.
  15. I wont return it, i just cant believe how quickly it gets nicked up!!!! I'm not OCD, so its probably worse than some. I guess I will try the "lick trick" or maybe rub it after putting some lotion on. I guess its not that horrible. It just is so different than all the other leather bags I have! Was about to buy a white hippie bag, and now i think I will stay with bbags for awhile!