1. girls my signature gallery tote has some scratches on the hardware:crybaby:. do u think i should exchange it or stick to it as in due time it will get scratched.if i do exchange it do u think i will look stupid in front of the SA.
  2. i think it's up to you and also how bad the scratches are.. I think it is bound to happen but if it is really scratched already you should get a nice new shiny one! :yes:
  3. I already see you not very happy about the scratches.. so just return it before it's too late :smile:
  4. I am VERY picky w/ my bags, BUT I have noticed that the pickier I got, the worse the situation became....if you do exchange the bag for one w/o scratched hardware, you may wind up w/ one that has scratches on the leather, little pulls on the signature, etc.... in turn making the bag that has the scratches on the hardware be the best choice....Be sure to check out a FEW bags if you do go back! Tell the SA to bring you out 4-5 so you can choose the best of the lot! Good luck and I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel!
  5. Did you just buy it or have you been using it for a little while? No bag is perfect, but if you do manage to find one nearly perfect, it's not going to stay that way. Anything that is used is going to get marks and scratches on it eventually. It's like getting that first ding in a new car's door.

    The only way you can keep a bag in perfect condition is to keep it in it's dust bag in the closet. And that would be no fun!:lol:
  6. i just received the bag two days ago.
  7. All of the hardware comes protected when it is shipped to the store. You can take it back to the store and see what they think. They do want to make you happy. If it came from another store it could have been returned or a display or something. If it came from Jacksonville it should have been brand new. Good luck.