Help! Scarf cleaning advice please

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  1. I just got this lovely Selles a Housse scarf at a silly price off ebay and it is in excellent condition except it has quite a bit of what looks like make up stains and maybe a tiny little grease spot. I am not afraid to wash it at all, but would make up - foundation - remove better with washing or should I dry clean it - I am happy to do either. If I wash it do you think these colours will stay fast or run? I've seen the thread on washing so know how to do that but ANY help/advice really appreciated Thank you.
  2. Here's the picture

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  3. Dry cleaning??
  4. When there are actual stains, you're much better off with a good dry cleaner. Make sure you find one that's PERC free (the toxic chemical that over 90% of dry cleaners use), and that they know how to handle stains. I was VERY fortunate in that the first person I called was not only PERC free, but they really knew to use a gentle hand when cleaning my favorite scarf.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the tip I will try to find a "perc" free cleaner. The "stains" look like more surface than ingrained - I'll go to town tomorrow and take it with me a try a couple of specialist cleaners and see what they recommend. I am sure once it's cleaned it will be good as new.:smile:
  6. I bought a really dirty vintage scarf on ebay, the dirt was gross and it's condition was not properly described. there was even crusted food (i'm guessing) on it. I started to hand wash it and that wasn't going so well so I threw it in the washing machine on the hand-wash cycle. It came out fantastic. I have since thrown other H scarves in the washing machine and they have come out very nicely. I'm not a big fan of drycleaning and I don't baby my scarves so I suppose I'm a little more brave than most in taking a chance on the washer. my 2 cents.

    PS lovely scarf! congrats
  7. I handwashed my silk scarf with a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a tub of water, as suggested by gina_b on another thread.

    When it dried it was softer and, um, silkier. But when I fold them diagonally, it doesn't align anymore. I wonder if it's natural that way. :shrugs:

    I want it to have the same crisp, papery feeling when I first bought it. Is that even possible?
  8. ^^^ did you iron it?

    Mine feel the same and I wash them all in a very gentle cycle of the washing machine with baby shampoo followed by a light ironing when they've dried.

    I agree with Aimee that with very stained silks, I'd go to a dry cleaner.
  9. WOW dogbiskit that's brave using the washing machine - I think now I will try washing it myself -I was reading another thread all about hand washing and it seems successful if you are careful re colour runs and temperature of the water - my job for the weekend! Thanks so much (and for liking my scarf too):smile:
  10. yez. I did. Should it be it become stiffer if I iron it? Because it didn't.

    Help! :P
  11. For grease stains, put a little corn starch on the stain and let it sit for about 20 mins, then brush it off. This will help take the grease out. Then wash with some Dawn in room-temp water. Works well for me.

    Allan, when scarves are new they have sizing in them, that comes out when you wash so the scarf will be softer. The more you wash, the softer it gets. Not sure if there's any way to stop that, as I like them soft and floppy.
  12. I couldn't wait so I took the plunge today and washed the scarf through in Stergene and I even worked on a couple of the spots with neat Stergene - it has come out looking about 90% better - there are still a few little bits of marking I missed so I will get them next time, colour run was minimal - feel quite relieved but pleased with myself - thanks to all who helped me out I really appreciate it!:tup: