Help! Scared about handles


Nov 20, 2006
I don't have any lighter Bbags and I was wondering for you girls that don't treats your do you keep your handles from getting darker? I want to get some brighter/lighter bags but I am scared the handles will look bad after a while of using them. Please share your advice!
I am new to b-bags so I can't answer your question but I'm looking forward to hearing what the other gals do. I actually haven't used either of my bags yet b/c I'm worried about the handles. I don't ever plan on selling them but I also don't want them turning dark for me personally. it's a lot of $ to spend on a bag and then have to worry so much about it. I honestly have began to wonder if I'm even a b-bag gal b/c although I'm not hard on my bags I do use them and with 2 small kids can't baby them.
I thought so, too, since I have always wondered. I don't think I want to treat my bag after hearing some issues so I wanted to hear how everyone who doesn't treat their bags either keep there handles clean. I hope we get a lot of feedback!
I have been avoiding lighter colored bags for this reason. I had a Pal Pink City with tdf leather and I returned it because I dont want darker handles ruining the bag. I have a restored Calcaire City thats been restored by the previous owner, but that ones okay if it gets a little abused.

We can put a man on the moon but we cant keep handbag handles from darkening, PRIORITIES people! We put a man on the moon are you not happy with that? We women have a problem! I think NASA could solve it dont you?
i think the best way to keep the color on the handles is to use shoulder strap so u'll never have to touch the handles....

and for bigger models without straps, i'd say carry them on the crook of ur arm!!!!
i also think to try to avoid touching thr handles so much because the natural oils on your hands get into the handles easily. but it's easier said than done!
when i first started using my white purse, as it was sitting in it's box for the first 6 months or so, i was so careful about keeping it clean, and slowly, i started to throw it around and grab it by the handles when i knew my hands were dirty.
i personally really like the lighter colors a lot, so i guess i don't mind too much if the handles get a little dark, but not too noticeable.
I have treated my handles...some girls use the handle protector only as it only creates a barrier between the leather and dirt/oil -- it doesn't actually change the leather at all.

I, too, was so in love with my bag that I was scared to hold it. But I want to use my bag, too, so I bought the For Handles Only and now I just am aware to wash my hands before picking up the bag -- and I don't read the newspaper if I don't have immediate access to soap and water. :smile:

And I'm accepting that at some point it will get dirty, but if I clean the handles monthly and use the handle protector, I know I'm doing the best I can.
Any bag that I have, I try to use the handles only when I know my hands are clean. If they are dirty, I grab a tissue and use that as a barrier. When I get home I normally give it a good wipe down and then either store the bag or use it again the next day. Yes, I know I need professional help! :wacko:
I'm the same as you Babyclouds ;) If I'm going for a whole day shopping then I take a small pack of wet wipes with me and give my hands a little clean through the day! Obsessive I know!!! :Push: :sweatdrop: I tend to stick to darker bags for this reason......
I agree with all of you above. Newspaper print is a nono. I still say washing your hands and keeping your hands clean is 99% of the battle. Some people don't wash their hands as much as others, or use more hand cream than others, etc. It also depends on where you work, what you do, some hands get dirtier than others obviously. I spay with Apple Guard as soon as I get the bag. I do it once a month at least. I also bought the handle care and use it after the Apple Guard. Too early to really know if the Handle protector works, but so far it looks good. My whites are as white as when I took them out of the box. I am going to take pics of my newest white City. I will take pics in a few months to compare any changes.
I do think that if you carry your bag by the handles most of the time, instead of using the shoulder strap or carrying it in the crook of your arm, they are going to get dirtier faster.
We see bags that are 3 years old with perfect handles and bags that are 6 months old with filthy black handles. There must be some reason. *wink*