help save my ocean mam

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  1. I got the apple leathre care product today and was excited to apply to my bags.. I used the leather cleaner to clean the scuff on my ocean mam... I was not being very careful and left a whole drop of the cleaner on my bag and it becomes something like a water mark... It has been 20 mins now.. and although the mark becomes lighter.. but it is still very obvious.. what do I do now???:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I'm not too sure, but I think 20 mins might be a little early to panic. Someone else needs to chime in, but I think it might need more time to dry. Also - did you treat the whole bag(and not just one spot)? I've heard of some people just trying to do a spot job on cleaning, and it gets sort of patchy looking.
  3. For leather to dry, sometimes takes a day...Last time I use the apple garde on deep purple MAM, it took like 4 days hanging to get back to non-blotchy color.
  4. Check it this morning Ivy and see if it has dried off. I know some of the lmb products can leave marks if not applied properly but I'm not sure about the Apple guard. Hopefully it will go away as soon as it dries completely.
  5. ^^Yes, check now, it should be good as new, I hope!
  6. When I used it on my Double Cream Nikki, it took a good 48 hours for any blotchiness to disappear.
  7. be very careful with leather cleaner.. it is really strong!

    Ivy- I suggest that in the future you use the Apple Guarde CONDITIONER for scuffs. The cleaner is more for ink marks or dirt.. but if you are just buffing out a scuff there is no need to use the harsh cleaner. I buff all my cuffs out with a gentle conditioner. I know it's too late to go back in time now but hopefully this will help you in the future.

    Good luck.. hopefully the bag will be fine!
  8. thanks for all the replies.... still bad news.. the part where i left the drop appears dry now but left a ring mark.. and part where i tried to buff off the scruff still looks darker than other parts... i guess i will just wait to see if they will go back to the original colors..
  9. So sorry to hear that ivy.
    Littlerock, is right! The leather cleaner is too strong, I only use the conditioner on my bag now, I learned my lesson after wrecking my LV handles.
  10. It's been another day.. my MAM have not yet recovered...Does anyone know a good professional care place? I need to take her to the "doctor".:crybaby: