Help Save Gilmore Girls!!!

  1. Kristin from E! Online does soemthing like this every year to try and save a show and I really want it to be Gilmore Girls. GG really needs 1 more season or at least part of a season to be able to end the show without cramming everything into these last episodes.

    I know theres a post for GG but I figured it would get might get more attention from Gilmore fans if I started a thread about saving GG.

    Please if you could go here and vote for Gilmore Girls I would be so grateful! :smile:
  2. The fact is that the Gilmore Girls doesn't need saving. It's already known that the CW will renew GG if they want to. It's that Alexis Bledel hasn't signed on for next season and Lauren Graham won't do it without her. So it's really petitioning Alexis Bledel and not the CW. I've put my vote towards another show even though GG is my favorite show. I just know it's not the network that is planning to pull the plug, so what's the point?

  3. I'm very aware of the situation with Alexis but that won't stop my devotion to this show. It's going to get a lot of good publicity, which could make the people in charge work harder to get Alexis on for one more season, who knows what her deal is, maybe she is holding out for more money, all I know is that I love this show and it's worth a shot, especially seeing as it is practically tied with another show for first.
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  5. OK I went to the link and voted for GG. Love that show!

    At least with this whole Alexis Bledel hold-out situation, I love that Lauren Graham is sticking by her and won't consider doing the show without her. It wouldn't be the same without Rory.
  6. i like this show
  7. I would watch it if it wasn't for AI. I really love GG but I love AI more. I imagine most of their audience watch AI
  8. I watch AI and Gilmore Girls. I thank my DVR for that because I never used to get to watch AI. I like it but I could never choose it over Gilmore Girls. Reality shows tend to annoy me because the people I like rarely win and it frustrates me lol... Thanks to everyone who's voting for GG! :smile:
  9. the show wouldn't be the same with alexis! i voted! even though i hated this season!
  10. Agreed. I'm hoping that all the fans will persuade Alexis to do one more season.
  11. Hope it continues!
  12. You guys still voting? After so many votes it wouldn't let me vote anymore so now I vote, then hit back and keep voting like that.

    I heard that the whole Alexis doesn't want to continue could be a rumor, I hope it is!
  13. Remember voting ends tomorrow at 11:59pm :smile:
  14. I voted! :yahoo: I love Gilmore Girls. I sure hope the votes help, I just don't want to see this show end. It's one of my favorites. :yes:
  15. After the voting was suppost to end it was taking people to this.. I'm really hoping this is the final result. The results weren't suppost to be announced till the 13th but obviously there was some sort of glich, last time I looked the SOS thing was taken down completly...maybe becuase they couldn't get it to not show the results??

    I'll be extremely happy if this is right and Gilmore Girls won!

    The Results:

    Save One Show

    (0%) 30 Rock
    (0%) The Class
    (0%) Close to Home
    (1%) Crossing Jordan
    (0%) Friday Night Lights
    (38%) Gilmore Girls
    (0%) How I Met Your Mother
    (0%) Jericho
    (0%) Medium
    (0%) The Nine
    (17%) One Tree Hill
    (0%) Scrubs
    (0%) Six Degrees
    (2%) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    (7%) Supernatural
    (33%) Veronica Mars----2nd place
    (2%) What About Brian