Help Sand PT GGH or Siegle GSH work/pt

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  1. Hi everyone please help me pick. My choice is sang GGH pt or Seigle GSH in pt or work. My current collection is GGH pt anthracite, Sahara GSH pt, black GGH work and blue roi GSH work. I am going to get the new ardoise work GSH when it comes out so I don't know if the Seigle is a good choice? I have always wanted a red bag but have never found a good shade and I love GGH. Also with GGH going away it might be a good idea to get it while I can. The only thing I am worried about with sang is will it be hard to wear? Can you wear it all year round? I am very casual and wear jeans and basic color shirts. What do you think? Anyone have mod pics with sang? Thanks again guys:biggrin:
  2. oops sorry guys just noticed I spelled sang and seigle wrong:P
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    Hey, I vote for a gorgeously stunning Sang Bal for you based on what you are describing in your current wardrobe. I am a huge fan of Seigle having caved for it with RGGH but I believe a gorgeous red bag easily goes with casual clothes or otherwise. You don't have to match it up head to toe, kwim? With a casual neutral ensemble, the gorgeous Sang Bal can really make your outfit. It will pop without being too blingy or flashy. Good luck. Either one is good but if you have to just pick one, then I think Sang is a smart choice. Mind you, who can't go wrong with Seigle anything ;)
  4. I would have said siegle but based on what you currently own I say go with sang.
  5. If in doubt, go with Red! :P

    Having said that though, I've seen a Sang GGH PT in the stores and while I love it and have considered it, I thought it was too bling for myself. The red is a true blood red - it is actually my favorite red out of all Bal reds I've seen. However, when pared with gold hardware, I thought it looked a bit Chinese new year?!?! I am Asian so not sure if I can pull that look off. I love bright colors and hence I decided to go for a bright blue with gold hardware instead.

    I adore people who can pull a cool chic look with white tees, jeans and red bag though. And I believe Sang is a color which can be worn all year around.

    Sorry I think I am no help lol.
  6. I would get the Sang GGH.....while you can.....because.....
    - you said you wanted a red bag & IMO Sang is a 'true' red.
    - GGH is currently discontinued for most colours so a 'red' with GGH might be harder to find.
    - you already have a Sahara and even though Seigle is different it is still in the same 'colour shade family' so Sang may better compliment the rest of your collection.

    I am not a huge fan of GGH (on me....others it can look great!) I only have one GGH (black PT) so I can't really help you with photos. I preferred GSH with a handful of RH....and now I'm loving RGGH!!! I have Sang RGGH, Seigle RGGH & Sahara RH....Sang & Seigle are both beautiful colours so I truly understand your dilemma.
    I find Sang can go with most outfits, although I think my Sang RGGH City can look more 'dressy' / 'less casual' than a lot of my other colours???
    Sorry I don't think I am being much help!
    Good luck on whichever you choose & please post pics. :smile:
  7. I would definitely say sang ggh no doubt!
    The red is gorgeous, and I love red with ggh, also pt is a nice addition to your collection
  8. Thanks guys for all your help. I am still thinking on it and waiting for my sa to get them in. I still have a few days. Capbaggirl you have some great points so that totally helps. I would love to see pics of your sand RGGH:smile: