HELP!!! Saleya PM or MM??

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  1. Alright... the ban is over. (Honestly, I don't know how I did it...)

    I'm fresh off a brand new Speedy 30 (which I LIKE I just don't know if I'm in LOVE with it... I'm working on it though...) but what I really want is a Saleya. The question is, which one? PM or MM?
    I carry lots of junk... books, mail, gum, more books, a sweater... so MM sounds nice, but I really need to actually STOP carrying so much junk. A PM might help me with that. But my good friend has a MM and that's the one I fell in love with, because of it's size and the way it hung off the arm...

    I need help. Please....:shrugs::shrugs:

  2. The MM! But then again I have a thing for big bags.
  3. I have a PM and I love it. It still holds a lot, but not too much. I find the MM overpowering, but then I am petite.
  4. I'd get the MM. It's the perfect size!
  5. how about GM??? lol I just got mine today!!!

    Okie, back to topic: If you have more stuff to carry, then get the MM.
  6. I love the MM!
  7. ^OT

  8. I have the MM and it is great for work, school or travel.
  9. Mm!!
  10. Thanks pinki! couldn't have done it without your help!:p
  11. See... I'm sitting here trying to think of when and where I'm gonna use the MM... the truth is, it'll be great for travel and work, but what about just day to day carrying? Will it be entirely to heavy to slag back and forth to the mall, or the grocers?
    On the other hand, if I get a PM and it's too small, I'm going to be REAL unhappy. Things that are too small just irk and irritate me. I have to at least be able to shove the UK edition of Harry Potter in it, along with all my other junk.

    :shrugs: In other words, I'm still on the fence. :sweatdrop::shame:
  12. ^i've taken mine to the grocery store, the mall, etc. no problems. actually, it's really handy shopping at the mall b/c you can put your smaller purchases right in and there's less to carry! it can get a bit cumbersome if i am carrying my daughter, too. if she's in the stroller the purse is fine.
  13. ^^^ Hmmm... okay... So, I guess what I'm asking is am I going to have as hard of a time shopping with it as I do with my Speedy 30? Cause I have to shift it from arm to arm and down to the elbow and ... I mean, I love it's style and it's history, but it's not the most friendly with regards to putting it in one place and leaving it there.
    Will I have that same problem with the Saleya MM?
  14. ^JHMO... Saleya MM is a great medium size and really roomier than the Speedy 30.
  15. OOO I'm pick the MM!!!