Help! Sadly I need a CVS - has anyone had one?

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  1. Glad it's all done. I'll be thinking of you while you wait for your results. That was the hardest time for me. The hospital that I went to doesn't do FISH results unless you're doing a late amnio and would be too late to terminate otherwise (so stupid...I was so mad about it...felt like I was being penalized for planning ahead, whereas people who wait till the last minute could get rush results.) I didn't realize for a day or two why I was so cranky and edgy, then realized it was the stress of waiting for the results.

    Sorry they had to do it twice! I wanted a CVS because I was going to be 36 when I delivered, and I felt the same way as you. I am absolutely the type of person who wants to know for sure what's going on. I skipped the screening tests because no matter how low my probability came back, I would have worried that I'd be that 1 in x. For the CVS, my uterus was so tilted the doc couldn't get to it at all (they practically put the table vertically with me upside down, but still couldn't get a clear shot at it.) I had to go back for an amnio later instead, and everything was fine. We're planning to try for #2 soon, and I'm hoping I might be able to do the CVS that time.

    Crossing my fingers that the results come out well for you.
  2. Sending you positive vibes Viba, hope will be well.
  3. I should find out in the next few hours the result, hopefully they had enough of the sample to do the preliminary test. I have had a stress headache for three days. I never knew waiting would be this scart. Need to think positively. Whatever the result, it has been that way since conception so Ive got to remember there is nothing different yesterday that there is today.
  4. I'm interested in knowing about this as well because I have an aunt and cousin with Down Syndrome and I worry about it being hereditary

    Sending good thoughts your way and for a healthy baby :flowers:
  5. During the genetic counseling session, they asked a lot of questions about family history and I would suspect that having two cases in your extended family will certainly add to your risk assessment level. They told me it can be heredetary but not always. It can also be totally random and can even happen to young women. Its really a case by case basis and it doesnt mean for sure it would happen to you.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.
  6. I just got a call back from my genetics counselor, the preliminary results were all normal!!!!

    Thank you God!

    That was probably the scariest thing Ive ever been through.
  7. Oh my goodness! I am so relieved and happy for you. CONGRATS!

  8. Thats so awesome!! Now you can relax and enjoy your lil bump =)
  9. That's wonderful!!!! :yahoo:
  10. I'm very happy for you! Hearing your great news is encouraging for me too. Thanks for sharing you experience with all of us.
  11. Viba- That is fantastic news! I'm sure your relief must be overwhelming :woohoo:
    Now you can relax and enjoy this special time :flowers:
  12. Yay! I'm so happy for you!
  13. yay !
  14. viba I'm so happy for you!!!!
  15. That is great news!