Help! Sadly I need a CVS - has anyone had one?

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  1. I have learned that I an elevated risk of downs syndrome baby and I will go in this afternoon for a CVS. Can anyone tell me about it?

    Im scared now for emotional reasons but also have heard its so uncomfortable and scary. Anyone have this procedure?
  2. Hi viba, I'm sorry that I didn't know much about the procedure but I wish you all the best and stay positive and strong!
  3. Best wishes to you, I have never had one but researched when I was prg and seeing what my options were if my numbers were up. Big hugs to you !
  4. I had an amnio with my DS, but not CVS...sending positive vibes your way.
  5. Hi! First time poster here in this subforum. Now that I'm happily expecting I've been lurking here for the past few months...I normally hang out in Coach.

    Anyway, I've had two CVSs performed in the past year and a half with my most recent one done on April 23rd. The procedure itself is not painful just a bit uncomfortable; I believe it largely depends on the doctor performing the procedure.

    They will probably take you in to do a genetic consultation first and will confirm that you want to procede with the CVS. After that they will do an ultrasound, do some measurements on the baby and check where your placenta is to determine if they will go in through your belly or transvaginally. I believe they prefer to go in vaginally (both of mine were done this way). You will be on an exam table in stirrups like usual, the doctor performing the CVS will be at the end of the table and there will be a nurse doing the ultrasound so the doctor can see what he/she is doing. The tube itself is extremely thin and like I said does not really hurt. It helps if you relax and breathe (easier said than done). They will take enough of a sample to ensure that the test can be performed. Once the procedure is complete (probably 15 minutes max) they will do another ultrasound to ensure baby's heart is beating and all is well. After the procedure you will experience some bleeding and cramping; the cramping goes away fairly quickly ( a few hours) and the bleeding normally lasts about three days. Do rest, keep your feet up and drink lots of water. The full test results usually take about ten days but you can ask for FISH results which can be done in three (this will give you results on Downs, Trisomy 18 and one more that I cannot recall).

    As I stated above, I've had this done twice. Sadly, my first one last year in February was done to confirm what the Level Two sonogram had already shown which was that my baby had Trisomy 18. I lost that pregnancy two weeks later at 15 weeks. I can happily report that this time we had it done because of the prior Trisomy 18 pregnancy and my age and all is perfect. I will be 23 weeks on Sunday.

    Hopefully they can give you some peace of mind when they take you in to do the ultrasound because they'll be able to measure the folds on the baby's neck and if all appears well that reduces the risk by about 60%. I think that in itself helps relax you for the procedure.

    I hope this information helps! I'm praying for you and the baby and please keep us posted :flowers:
  6. Viba,
    I'm also at an elevated risk and have decided not to have an amino or cvs. The results won't matter. We'll know for sure when I give birth in Nov. I'm so tired of all of the testing and info they may or may not be accurate. I just want to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and look forward to having this babay that I already love so much.

    Don't stress yourself out. Everything will work out the way it's suppose to. I'll be praying for you and your family.
  7. Viba--good luck with everything, I don't know much about the test but just wanted you to know I'm hoping for the best for you and your little one.

    Neliza-- Im sure your account of what happened the two times you have had the procedure really helped the OP and answered a lot of her questions :yes:...and I am so sorry to hear about your loss. But congrats on your healthy pregnancy this time around! :hugs:
  8. Good luck, and wishing you positive thoughts!
  9. i have denied all invasive tests for my baby but i do believe everyone has a right to know beforehand, if that's their wish.

    my dear friend had it done three times and was given a false positive-twice. all her babies are healthy, as i'm sure yours will be too.

    GL and try to stay positive.
  10. You guys are all so great - Im glad to be able to ask you this stuff. And Neliza, thank you for all the information too. You were right on. I just got back and all of what you said happened to me.

    I would say that it was pretty horrible, partly because you're scared anyway about what they will find, but with me my uterus is tilted so they coouldnt get to it. so they had to do it TWICE! They couldnt get a specimen the first time. So I basically had two CVSs today. Ugh. The technician seemed confident that they got enough, and hopefully even for the FISH.

    Its just so sad to think of your little baby's health and mortality in that room. They all look fine on the screen but its so complicated! Its a wonder how any child gets born!

    I should have some answers by tuesday on the preliminary FISH result. My numbers for Downs risk were so bad....1 in 8! I hate to even say that out loud its so terrible. But thats still just a 12% risk. Once the results from the CVS come back we will know for sure and the 1 in 8 will be obsolete. For me, I think if I even had more favorable risk numbers I would do the test. I would want to know what is going on. Even if mother nature doesnt give us choices, Im glad we have modern medicine to help us have more knowledge and control over our lives.
  11. No CVS for my past, but I am sorry you had to have two today. Ugh!

    The waiting and wondering about test results is awful. For me, the truth is much better than the worry and fear. Granted, not always easy truth as he truth helps. It's not always easy to hear, as Neliza knows, but you can plan and prepare for delivery and watch for signs of possible delivery complications and such if you know what is happening.

    Is CVS more common these days? Five years ago, I knew no one having them. Now I see a lot of them, comparatively. Is the hope that a Downs baby can have in utero corrections on the heart or palate or other issues if the testing is early?
  12. glad you got through the test ok and everything. :hugs: and i totally agree about just wanting to know what's going on. i am scheduled for my nuchal translucency test on Tuesday...even though it's optional i decided to get it done just because i want to see the baby in ultrasound and to have some idea of what's going on. i too am so glad we have technology to give us more knowledge about everything and we have all these options (NT scan, CVS, amnio, ultrasound, etc). i can't imagine how my mother went through it, back then ultrasounds were not done and she didn't even know if I was a boy or girl until the moment I was born. what's crazier yet, is my DH's grandmother didn't even know she was carrying twins until she gave birth to the first, and the doc was like, wait, there's one more! :nuts: i guess for some the surprises are fun but i'm always a planner and i just like to be prepared.

  13. Thank you for your good wishes divadivine :hugs:
  14. Viba- I'm glad your CVS is over and I am still wishing for the best. My doctor told me she has seen women with % as high as yours and everything has been just fine. Focus on the fact that your baby has an 88% chance of not having Downs. Everything is going to be fine.:hugs:

  15. Viba- I'm so glad the test is over and done with and I'm sorry it was a bad experience for you :hugs:

    I think one's state of mind contributes to how it goes. My first one was very stressful and I started having contractions during the procedure. They had to stop, have me rest with my feet up for about an hour and go in again. The doctor kept telling me I needed to relax but I couldn't, I was so devastated because we already knew the news was not good. We originally had no intention of doing amnio or a CVS but when we went in for the level 2 sonogram at 13 weeks they immediately saw that the baby had edema (Cystic Hygroma) which meant that there was heart failure occurring. The CVS was to confirm the cause which was an extra 18th chromosome. We were grateful for the test because we were prepared for what was to come (as horrible as it was) since Trisomy 18 babies die in utero 95% of the time.

    The second CVS went super smooth because I was in fact much more relaxed since the level two ultrasound looked completely normal. We immediately opted for the CVS the second time around because it's the earliest test you can have done and we did not want to put our son and the rest of the family through the same ordeal. We decided to not share the pregnancy news until after the CVS results came in; we finally told everyone during week 13.

    Although having these tests is definitely a personal decision we each have to make, I appreciate the fact that they are available so that we can be informed, prepared and make the choices that make sense to each of us.

    It sounds like your ultrasound looked good which is really encouraging. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Please keep us posted.