Help! Sabrina in Steel - large or small?

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  1. Help please!! I'm in love with the Sabrina in brass/steel color, but can't decide on whether to get the small or large size. Any tips on how to choose is greatly appreciated!!

    Girls with the different sizes out there, can you please share your usage experience and are you still in love with it and the size you chose?

    Many thanks!! :yes:
  2. I guess it really depends on you, how tall are you, what do you usually carry, what will you be using her for..... I am using my small patent black sabrina for my bleeker wallet, 3 skinnies, a tiny parfume and my camera. Everything fits fine and I have plenty of space left. I don't like the large bags as much, so this one suits me. If I'd use it for my son and me, (diapers and wipes, extra clothing....etc) I'd propably need a large one to make it more comfortable. By now I've decided to use my sabrina only once in a while, she's so cute that i don't want to wear her out. I compared her with my carly and the small sabrina fits almost as much, maybe a hair less than the medium carly. So it really depends what you're looking for.
  3. I say small. I prefer metallics on smaller bags.
  4. Small, but it depends how much you like to carry.
    But I would hurry and get the bag- it's not on the Coach website in small anymore. It should still be in some of the boutiques.
    I know I saw it at my Macy's recently also.
  5. I am going to be different here, LARGE!!! I had 3 small, took them all back and got the Berry in Large and love it 2 death... Plus the large is not really big at all and the opening is much easier to get into, love the handles way better on the large because they and thicker/rounder. Dont take me wrong , the small is gorgeous too so its just what ever will work best for your needs. I love the way the large looks when you have the stuffing out with you things in it... it reminds me of my Balenciaga city bag.
    Best of Luck!!! Either one in any color is GORGEOUS!!!
  6. I vote small...the proportions are more aesthetic. I agree with i:heart:handbags; metallic on smaller bags are classier.
  7. I purchased the large (I'm 5'2" size 8) but if you're petite and slim the small will look great on you. I was at the mall today and saw a lady with a small espresso Sabrina.....she was about 5'4"..... maybe a size 14 and the bag looked ridiculously tiny on her. The size probably suits her needs but I don't think small bags look good on larger women. No offense to anyone......just my honest opinion.
  8. Another vote for the small one
  9. Thank you so much girls for your advice:P!! I do think the small size is big enough to carry my daily needs but I'm a big girl so I'm concerned about the small one looking too small on me! Don't know whether the steel color, being metallic, will give the illusion of looking bigger than it's actual size...:confused1:
  10. I'm 5'3" and a size 14, and I'm buying the small. IMO it looks fine & is big enough for what I carry on a daily basis. I'm not going to spend $140 extra and get something too big for my needs because of what someone else might think about me. Get whichever bag fits your needs, because as long as YOU love it that's all that really matters :yes:
  11. I prefer the large but I am tall, but if you are petite I think the small with me perfect :smile:
  12. I am another vote for the small. I tried it on in the boutique last week and it was certainly big enough to carry my daily essentials. I put my whole purse in the small and it was wonderful and easy to get things out! I am 5'2 by the way. HTH!
  13. I don't know about metallics.....when they are large, they loom large. As far as your body size is concerned, a size 14 is larger and it depends on how you feel with a smaller bag. To me, a larger bag looks nice on a larger body, and carrying a small bag will emphasize the size difference. But it's relative. That particular bag is not tiny, and if you're used to carrying a smaller bag, and you're OK with it, then that's what matters. Because in the end, it's your money.
  14. I think you should get the one that is most practical! As long as you feel confident and love your bag, that is what (most) people will see! All this talk of being "too big" for a small bag is nonsense!
  15. im also getting a sabrina in steel and since
    im planning to only use it only on certain
    occasions,im getting the small/medium! :biggrin: