Help! Sabrina handles peeling

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  1. I am so bummed. I have a patent grpahite Sabrina which I LOVE and obviously have only had a short time. Today I noticed the one of the handles is peeling. Where the leather meets the seal that runs around the edge of the handle. (Sorry I don't have a photo but I don't think I could get a good one to show the detail) Has this happened to anyone else??? Do you think Coach can fix this/reseal the handle? Or should I exchange it for a replacement? I guess I'll need to drive to the store and see what they say, but I am wondering if anyone else has run into this with their Sabrina. TIA for your help!:cry:
  2. I don't own a patent but has not happened on my leather. I would take it back. Coach stands behind their stuff so they should replace it.
  3. OMG I'm so sorry for wat happen.. I just got my graphite sabrina couple days ago.. I think I have to rethink my purchase.. Thanks for letting me and other TPfer know..
  4. Bring it in to the store. When I had a problem with my hamptons straw tote, they just exchanged it for another one. When the same thing happened again, they let me pick another bag.
  5. I'm so sorry, that sucks. I'd take it back to the store and get another one. If they don't have one then I'd send it into Coach.
  6. take it to the store -- they would be the best source to find out what they can do.

    FWIW, I have several patent bags (4 to be exact!) and I haven't had this issue. I don't have any Sabrinas though, so it might just be a Sabrina issue

    Good luck!
  7. That is actually a common problem from what I understand but not just for the patent- my friend has sent 2 bags back b/c the coating on the handles and around the edges peels. When she took them back to store, the SA said that it was a common problem and that Coach won't be able to fix it but they sent her a credit for the FULL PRICE of the bag (even though she bought it in the outlet), so she was pretty happy.

    If the bag is still available, they will just replace it for free. No problem. Otherwise, they will mail it off for repair and if it can't be repaired, they will issue you a credit.
  8. OMG, yeah, I agree w/ all the PPs...take that baby back. Coach'll do right by you...they'll fix the issue, either by sending it in for repair, or some other measure (replacement credit or bag, etc.).
  9. That happened with my putty sabrina. When I took it in the SA said she hadn't seen that problem before. This was when they first came out so maybe it's more common now. Anyways, I had no problem exchanging it for a new one in a different color. So far my other hasn't had any problems. I'd definitely take yours back. Mine keeped getting worse and worse.
  10. hmmm... i have graphite also but dont see any issues with it so far...... crossing my fingers
  11. No such issue with patent graphite sabrina yet. There was a tiny amount of glue like stuff wear the sealant met the leather that i just peeled off and now its fine.
  12. This. I had this on my plum patent as well but it was obviously an adhesive and not the actual sealant used on the seams.
  13. I just purchased a graphite a few weeks ago as well and OMG - I hope this isn't a common problem.

    When taking an issue such as this to Coach, is a receipt needed for replacement?
  14. Cat_lady have you take it to a Coach Boutique yet?? What did they say? I hope you didnt have to send it out and pay 20 for it.
  15. yenanh00- I haven't taken it in yet and probably won't be able to for a couple of weeks since I am leaving for Kauai day after tomorrow. I don't want to send it in because if they aren't going to fix it but are going to replace it, I want to look at the new bag first. Hmm...I could have taken it in yesterday but I got caught up in the outlet frenzy and spent the day driving to the outlet and back. Thanks for asking.