HELP!!!! SA Rec from Bergdorf in NYC??

  1. any1 know any good SA from Chanel from Bergdorf in NYC store??? I was hoping then can waive the shipping and handling for me?? plz let me know..thx :smile:
  2. Ask for JOSEPH @ BG Chanel. If your address is outside NY/NJ, there's no tax, but AFAIK the shipping charge still applies (well if you're shipping it outside NY/NJ you're saving A LOT on taxes).
  3. ya i know..true true...thank you.
  4. BTW Joseph is not in today (today's his day off) but he should be back tomorrow.
  5. Another vote for Joseph. He has found bags for me that everyone SWORE where sold out. Professional, knows his stuff and keeps me updated on things I want to know regarding CHANEL products. HTH
  6. Galina is a long time SA for Chanel at BG and she is awesome....I used Joseph when he was at Saks but I need to stay faithful to Galina!
  7. You might want to ask whoever helps you to include the receipt with your purchase. I've purchased two Chanel bags from BG and both times the bag arrived with no receipt.
  8. Both Galina and Joseph are GREAT! Saskia is a sweetie too but was transferred to a different department. Highly recommend them :tup:
  9. Another vote for Joseph!
  10. I second Galina. :tup: