HELP..S.O.S.!!! Friends With Money movie...What is this BAG!!!???

  1. I saw the movie Friends With Money last night on TV and in the scene with Franny (Joan Cusak) and Christine (Catherine Keener) sitting at the hospital waiting room for their friend Jane (Frances Mcdormand) who freaked out at the Old Navy and walked into the window and broke her nose.....Franny is carrying this big hobo caramel colored bag. I thought this is a GREAT bag, LOVED the color and for the life of me I can't figure out who makes this bag! I wish I could find a still photo....I've looked everywhere. But for those who have seen the movie and know what bag I'm talking about.......
    PLEASE HELP!!! :sos:

    Oh and if anyone happens to have a photo, please let me know where it is and I'll attach it to this post!

    Thank you! :wlae:
  2. anyone?? anyone??

  3. Did you watch the credits at the end of the movie? They might mention it there. Also you could check the movie credits online to see if it's mentioned or if there's someone you could email.
    I don't know if they'd email you back but it's worth a try...
  4. I have just tivoed the movie (it will be on in about an hour) so I will try my hand at guessing and get back to you about it.
  5. crystalina:

    Thank you for the suggestions! I looked up who the costume/wardrobe person, but unfortunately I couldn't find an email, etc. :sad:


    Thank you!!! Hopefully you'll be able to figure out this bag!! It's killin' me!!
  6. This is probably of no use to you, but I found it kind of interesting: Did you know that the new Blu-Ray DVDs are so full of information that you can find this stuff out by putting it on pause and zeroing in on items and hitting a button with the remote. I saw a demo at the CES show here in Vegas and I thought it was amazing. They were demo-ing Gone In 60 Seconds and they paused it, zeroed in on Angelina Jolie's watch or bracelet and it said the maker, price, etc.! It was crazy! Sorry, this is kinda OT, but it made me think that this information IS available on the movie SOMEWHERE.
  7. Well, I watched the scene and I was yelling at the tv for her to put the bag down so we could get a good look. WHY didn't she listen to me??? I actually liked Jennifer Aniston's red bag too. Anyway, the bag looked wonderful FROM WHAT I COULD SEE but I have no idea who makes it....sorry! Let us know if you find out....
  8. Amazing:wtf: Thanks for the info.
  9. Bulletproof: WOW, that is amazing! I wish I had a Blueray!!!

    Cgsprings: I know what you mean, if she just moved it from one shoulder to the other, that might have even given me a chance to catch more of the detail to try and figure it out!!! Yes, I thought Jennifer Aniston's bag was cute as well. A great running around town, need your hands free bag.

    If anyone else has any idea, PLEASE share.
  10. Hello Ladies and Gents....

    Just wanted to bump this up...HOPING that someone might be able to identify this bag! Sorry.....I Still can not find a pic.