HELP: rust colored guccissma wallet

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  1. So I was in NM today; got roped into a sale item of the rust colored signoria... it was beautiful...I couldn't resist. However, the SA could not find the wallet. I've called all the NM in the country and no luck. I called the CA outlet; and he said to try in January. I have to keep this bag; but I don't have bags that don't have matching wallets. It's kind of an OCD thing. They have to match. They still have it on the website; but it just says it's unavailable. It was on sale at NM; but regular on At this point; I might just cough up the regular price since I got the handbag for such a great deal.

    I can't really keep the bag without a wallet right? I mean I have nothing that would remotely even go with this. And with a bag this glamorous; it needs that wallet!!!!
  2. I NEVER match the wallet and the bag.....If u love the bag...KEEP IT!U dont need to have a matching wallet!LOL!
  3. I always matching my wallets with my bags so I have too many wallets. Anyway, I have bags more than wallets so no matching for every bag I have. I do agree with Jill that you don't need to have a matching wallet.