HELP! Russian Nanny cost in NJ???

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    Can anyone in the NY/NJ area give me a rough idea what is the going rate for a Russian live-in nanny these days. I'm in NJ (RT 9 corridor) and will be going back to work soon. I'll be looking for a live-in, but way back when I had one years ago, the going rate (for 1 child) was about $400 + 20 for transportation costs to NY on her day off. This was about 4-5 years ago. Now I have 2 small children, so I don't know what the new rate would be. I don't want to insult anyone and offer a very low figure- Need to be educated! Please help if you have an idea! Thanks!
  2. Finding a nanny is definitely difficult but better in NJ and NY than anywhere else. I am assuming you want a Russian nanny because you are Russian correct. You could also consider Polish etc. In brooklyn there are agencies which have nannies/ house cleaners. For two children it will be more. Just open up the Russian newspaper and they will definitely have ads. Good luck.
  3. Hi Minnie,
    Yes we are Russian, but we are so americanized (30+ yrs in US) that we (DH and myself) can barely read Russian (with great difficulty!:hrmm: ).
    I know I'll have to shlep to the nearest Russian store to get a paper. I usually ask my mother in Brooklyn to find this stuff out for me and read the paper for me :P , but she's busy these days and I didn't want to bother her too much yet until I get the job and need to find someone fast!

    I never had a Polish nanny, only one Russian woman and and one Armenian woman who spoke perfect Russian. I'd be afraid we'd not understand a Polish woman too well. My great aunt lived in Poland after WWII and she speaks Polish all the time, and I can barely understand her.

    Another complication is that my 3 year old speaks no Russian currently and I'm so afraid that he won't understand her or be understood. I'm just so annoyed that I have to go back to work! I wish I could find something to do from Home to make good $$$!

    So do you (or anyone) know how much people are paying these days? It would be nice to have a ballpark figure in mind... Thanks!!!!
  4. May I ask a stupid question? Why would you have to pay transportation to NY on her day off?
  5. Oh Donna!,

    It was kind of like an extra perk. Since we live in NJ and the Nanny has no car and nowhere to go on her time off, we (and I'm sure there are others who may do this for their nannies) gave her transportation $$ to go to Brooklyn or Manhattan. We just didn't want her to pay for that out of her own pocket...
  6. I was reading the russian newspaper not too long ago, and it seemed like everyone wanted a live-in nanny they're in high demand right now i guess. The overall amount they were offering was around $500-$600.
  7. I don't have kids, but that's a good website to refer to my friends!! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Zoya,
    That's pretty much what I wanted to know. I priced local day cares here, and I don't understand how people who commute to NYC can get back in time to pick up their kids...?

    I mean If I left NYC at 5 PM I wouldn't make it back by 6 (most of them close at 6 pm) and that would be cutting it very close to 6:30 (2 of them close at 6:30). And if there was serious traffic, like there sometimes is, forget it! 2 kids (under 3 yrs old) in daycare is $2000 per month, a live-in is almost the same amount of $$, and I wouldn't have to worry about what to do with a sick child, & she'd cook and clean a bit too!

  9. That is a great site. Great to have people watching out for our kids!
  10. Definitely try the agencies and be prepared to deal with hell. We had such bad experiences with live in maids, not nannies but just people to clean the house. There were great experiences but also horrible ones. I also recommend installing cameras. Good luck. I wish I could help more. We have a ukrainian woman now she speaks Russian. I think your three year old should be surrounded by a Russian woman who can possibly teach him the language. I believe thats important it would benefit your children so much when they grow up. Don't worry about him not understand Russian little kids catch on quick. It is the best time for them to learn a language.
  11. In NYC the going rate for a full-time live-in is abut $600 based on a 10-hour day. I know people who expect the nanny to work whenever they need her who pay a bit more, and people who have a set schedule for live-ins, and they pay a bit less. When I worked and had a school-aged child, live-in was the only way to go. Knowing she wouldn't be late in the morning, and knowing that I wasn't racing against the clock to get home was worth the added expense!
  12. You are better off getting an au pair. They run about $1,000 a month and they are live in.
  13. Au pairs live in 7 days, and I know as much as I loved my last live-in, it was nice to have the house to ourselves on the weekend. You also have to entertain au pairs, like if the family goes out to dinner or to visit family or on vacation, the au pair is to be included. They can only work 40 hours too, by law.
  14. Minnie,
    Sorry to hear you've had some bad ones:sad: .

    I've had 2 in the past - 1 was more of a nanny, and the other was more of a housekeeper, as my child was a bit older and didn't really need as much supervision, so she was basically around for her, and did housework and cooking and I was working from home some of the time back then.

    The first one was great and she became like a part of our family. She moved back to St. Petersburg after 2.5 years and she and my mother still keep in touch and write each other. I wish she would come back and we've asked, but she has some health problems :sad: so she won't come back.

    The 2nd was just ok, & she was also with us 2 years. She left a month before I was due with my 2nd child. Which was fine as I was not working anymore then.

    I would like my 3 year old to learn Russian, my mother always tries to talk to him in Russian, but she only sees him a couple times a month (she lives in Brooklyn), so he doesn't understand her unless she speaks English.

    My daughter, who used to speak Russian well when she was little, forgot most of it now (she's 13). We just don't keep up with it - I guess everything automatically comes out in English, with an occasional sprinkling of a russian word here or there when we don't want the kids to understand something...

    I'll have to call an agency. I think the one we used 5 years ago was Brighton Beach Employment Agency. I'll have to find their ph #.

    Thanks for advice!!!! :smile: