HELP! Ruined my new Celine Box with alcohol today...

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  1. This is probably the third time I've used my Celine Box, I'm so upset :sad:
    Was getting a manicure today and alcohol (that was being used to remove my previous gel manicure) dripped onto my bag, I tried to wipe it off. After it dried, it left these white stains...

    Have been scared to do anything to it. Leather conditioner and leather cleaner did nothing.

    I found one source that says to use saddle soap and pure white soap flakes but the sample was on a lot softer leather and I don't know how efficient it is. My Celine box leather is a lot more glossy. Oh my gosh, does anyone have experience with this? Any suggestions? :sad: Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  2. Unfortunately it looks like the alcohol took off the colour of the leather. No conditioning will restore the colour to that area, because the colour has been removed.

    Alcohol is a solvent and can remove the dye in the leather, as well as changing the finish on the leather.

    You can try to redye the entire bag to a similar colour, but that will change the finish of the leather as the surface tends to feel less supple after the dye has been sprayed on it.

    I suggest bringing it to a leather specialist and getting them to assess the damage, and seeing what they suggest.
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  3. Thanks for the response, I was thinking possibly the dye was removed as well... The surface texture seems to feel the same as before but it's just paler.
    Does anybody have experience with repairs at Celine, since I did not purchase directly from boutique? I may have to contact Leather Surgeons... :sad: Never in the world did I imagine this would happen, that was some strong strong alcohol because my fingers were stinging too.
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  4. Contact Celine first and see what they say. Although they usually require proof of purchase, I've heard of stories where they have accepted items for repair without it. I have a feeling that Celine will say they cannot fix this, but at least go through them first and see what they suggest.

    Leather Surgeons should be able to redye your bag.
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  5. It likely wasn’t alcohol (alcohol doesn’t remove gel) it was likely acetone and definitely would remove the colour of your bag. I’m so sorry.
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  6. I bought a trio bag at Harrods 5 years ago (i do have the reciept) and the Celine boutique in Stockholm took it in and sent it for repair for free when the strap where about to break. I emailed customer service beforehand to be sure they would take the bag and not reject me in store.

    So i think you have a chance to send it to Celine for repair even though it is not bought directly from Celine.
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  7. OMG, it must be a nightmare for you. So sorry this happened.

    I think that the others are right and it's removed the colour.

    My advice would be the same, take it Celine first, if they cannot/won't take it in then a specialist company will be your best bet.

    and this is why none of my bags go anywhere near nail bars or hairdressers, photography, film shoots or art studios.
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  8. I agree, the others are prolly right. Didn't even want to think about this, so I've just put the bag away and not looked at it. I don't think I'll be doing anything to it for a while.... sigh.... Thanks for your advice.
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  9. Did you spill the acetone on your bag or was it the person who was giving you the manicure? I ask because of the insurance they must have with being a shop and they could pick up any repair costs ensueing regarding your bag.
    Good luck anyway, so sorry about your bag...
  10. Why don’t you at least consult with a few reputable leather repair shops to see what can be done? I’ve heard good things about places like Leather Surgeon and Rago Brothers. Purse Rehab also posts some amazing before and after pics on IG. I would at least show them photos and let them advise. Good luck!
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  11. I did.......... :sleepy: My nails were all wrapped up to soak in acetone to remove my gel polish, I lifted my hands, allllll the acetone came running down... Thank you for the suggestion though, I didn't know that was a possibility.

    I've actually just sent a bag off to Leather Surgeons earlier in the month! Really hoping for great results, will keep in mind but honestly I just don't want to think about this bag at all. I think I'm in denial. :-s Thank you
  12. So sorry this happened to you. It’s a beautiful bag in a great colour. I hope you’re able to find a satisfactory solution.
  13. There IS a chance that you can find someone who is good at art, like an actual artist if theubwont repair it. I've done this before on a less expensive bag but leather is leather. You mix the dye and use a small artist brush and put the detail on slowly letting each application dry before adding more to match the bag colour. You can get it to the point where you really have to look to see where the damage was.
    But find someone who has done it before...
  14. I hope you have better luck with these than than I did. Leather Surgeons told me they only repair Hermes and Chanel. Rago Bros. never answered three emails, so I called and a lady told me to send the email to another address. I never received a response. I called response.
  15. That’s odd. Even on Leather Surgeon’s IG I saw a post of a Givenchy and another of a Goyard. I also inquired Gerry about repairing a Celine in the past...though I didn’t end up repairing that Celine.
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