HELP! Rouge Grenat B25 GHW or Rouge Casaque B30 PHW?

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  1. I asked for a Rouge Casaque B25 or B30 in GHW and my wonderful fairy godmother (SA) just called to tell me that my dream bag has arrived! She even managed to get two at the same time, both a B25 and a B30.

    However, the caveat is that the B25 in GHW is in Rouge Grenat instead of Rouge Casaque, and the b30 is Rouge Casaque but with PHW instead of GHW. Which one should I pick??? I have until 2PM today to decide. Please help, ladies and gents!
  2. rouge casaque is true red to me. rouge grenat is more raspberry red. I really like gold hardware though...but you would have to like it.
    hard decision to make... you really have to go and see which one jumps out to you.
    please post pics!
  3. Color
    How will you priorities your choices
  4. Do you other b 30s? If so I would go for the 25, so it meets your specs on size, hardwear and is a red.
    What is the leather?
  5. Please get the 25 they are so hard to get and so in desire. Plus the ghw! Yum
  6. For the color rouge casaque is true red but it depends on your reference though, do you like phw? Grenat is similar to rubis I think and sz 25 is cute cute size with ghw, but do you prefer Togo or Epsom? And what other sizes you have in your collection?
  7. I ended up getting the Rouge Grenat! It's in togo. Will take pictures when I get home!!! The Rouge Casaque was in epsom leather.
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  8. It's here! IMG_1469227389.625186.jpg IMG_1469227402.505967.jpg IMG_1469227416.635338.jpg IMG_1469227425.636051.jpg IMG_1469227434.202740.jpg
  9. Thank you!!!
  10. Thank you! I love it. (:
  11. Great choice. Enjoy!
  12. Congrats. Such a lovely treasure.