Help! Rouge Cerise - brown or berry undertones?

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  1. Hi! I read in an old chat that some bags in rouge cerise had more brown undertones, while others had more berry undertones, despite them all being called rouge cerise. Could anyone give me your thoughts on whether the First in rouge cerise below has more or brown or berry undertones please? Thanks! :smile:

  2. Here's a picture of the back of the bag. Thanks!

  3. IMHO trying to photograph Bal colours is truly like glimpsing a Sasquatch...a Yeti?... Bigfoot?...depends on your location I guess. But you think you see it and...did you? Is that truly the colour? In your photos to me there's more of a brown tone but I've seen photos where it looks more berry. It really is a gorgeous colour no matter what!
  4. Brown
  5. More brown undertones according to these pics... My City has more Berry undertones, however in pics it can look different, so it really is hard to judge when not seeing it IRL.
  6. I see brown undertones
  7. Looks like 08 black cherry
  8. Lighting is a huge factor, but believe it or not I'm going to say more berry on this one based on the pics. The browner rouge cerise bags had a real orangey brown "brick" tone to them that looked entirely different from this. Someone once described the first lot of RC bags as looking like a clay tennis court, and the first one I saw IRL was pretty well described that way. Later lots of the bag seem to have gotten more berry toned, less brown. Nevertheless, if you compare RC with any of the "true" or "bright" Bal reds, I do think it's got a lot more brown. Here are a few other shots I've collected of the color. The first is the "first release" bag in outdoor light, the middle one is mine in filtered white light, the last one is a ggh on the store shelves at neimans (poor yellow lighting). HTH!

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  9. The last one is gorgeous
    Cant wait for mine to arrive
    Hopefully it will look like this🙏🏻
  10. Actually I think it will! Of the 3 pics I think yours looks most like the last one! Show us when it arrives, and good luck!
  11. Thanks so much everyone for your comments! :smile:

    S.tighe, thanks for your photos! I think mine looks more like the one in your last picture. IRL the color of the bag pulls more of brown undertones to me, but I suspect that could also be partly due to the GGH.

    Here's another shot of the bag (taken indoors in the day but with poor sunlight due to rainy weather). Sorry for the huge photo, I can't seem to resize it on my phone!

  12. When I saw the Rouge Cerise for the first time, I thought .. "HA HA Balenciaga, you did it to us again .. with a name that no way accurately reflects the true color!". After all, Rouge Cerises = Red Cherries!!!

    IMO .. the color should have been named Rouge Bricque (which funny enough Balenciaga then came out with a Rouge Bricque which is more orange-y in color). The color is a deep Red, but with very definite brown undertones .. I haven't seen any that I would say have a 'berry' undertone, but then again .. I'm also comparing it to the oldie '05 Rouge Theatre which is a true Berry Red.
  13. What a fab colour, love it!