help rose decide please


which big girl scarf should rose get next

  1. river de babel in gold colorway

  2. river de babel in plum colorway

  3. decoupage in raspberry colorway

  4. enjoy your first scarf and worry about another one later

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  1. ok so rose and i went to hermes today and got her her very first big girl scarf! i'll let her talk about that. but we went to Bergdorfs and they had a whole bunch of old stock scarves: one tapis volant in the gold colorway and some of the noel scarves and..... the rivieres de babel that i have that she LOVES. i mean LOVES. when i saw the corner of it i actually grabbed her hand and jumped up and down until they brought it out. so they don't have the colorway that i have but they do have it in a gold color, plum color , brown and then an orangey red. she has the gold on hold but cant decide if she should get it or not. she also likes the decoupage scarf in a raspberry colorway. can you guys help us decide which the lovely rose should get, if any? thanks!
  2. oh and i should say since these are all older i'm not sure she would be able to find them again if she doesn't get one now.

    she also liked the champs de courses in the lavender color...
  3. Babel in Gold without a doubt! GORGEOUS worn with anything black!!!!!
  4. Babel in gold or plum.

    Champs de courses will be around for a while....

    I know Rose has enough :heart: in her :heart: to be able to love two new big-girl scarves at once!!
  5. What Babel was Rose after originally? My store still has a few, for selected clients!!
  6. gf- the one that i have in the silver/white colorway. oh can you please let us know if they have it? our store told us no.
  7. got a pic? They had a white/pale blue yesterday, if that's the one you're talking about?
  8. I would get the Babel in plum, but I can't wear gold. Rose, if you can wear gold, that would be hands down the winner.

    I love the new pinky plum lilac Champs too. That's the one for me this season. But it'll be around for a while.

    You can get it next! :yes:
  9. not the best pics in the world but here it is

    and yes rose can wear gold. she has the most beautiful warm skin color...
    IMG_3822.JPG IMG_3891.JPG
  10. Well...i voted for plum. I think it would look really nice on her...

    BUT!!!!!!! She's ruinng all the fun for KoP...:heart: :p :crybaby:

    H--- Wanna meet us there?
  11. i wish i could. but i don't have a car. when are you going? you can pm me if you want..
  12. [​IMG]

    This is the colour at the store. Ever so slightly different.
  13. Hmmmm, I can't recall the gold colourway.......?
  14. OMG, but that's a GORGEOUS colorway, GF! I don't think I've ever seen it (not surprising.......)
  15. wish I could help but I am hopeless when it comes to scarfs! Just getting my arms around the bags, leathers, colors, so far!