Help !!!! Ron ron

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  1. Hi,

    I have not own any christian louboutin shoes before. Getting married
    in 2010 and i hope to get a pair of christian louboutin specially for my wedding day.

    Have been eyeing on the ron ron antharctic.. ( pardon my spelling )as my wedding shoes. I wonder how is the the sizing. I wear a 36 on normal shoes. Is it true to sizing? Is it comfortable to walk in? Does the glitters fall while wearing?

    Okay , I have not seen physically Christian Louboutine shoes before. My country does not have its boutique. I hope i did not flood ull with all my questions.

    I can't try those shoes as I am staying outside U.S. I'm from Asia. Im goin to ask my friend to help me get those shoes from the U.S

  2. okay i have repost the sizing part in the sizing thread. I hope those who had the anthartic rons rons could give me a feedback on how the glitter holds on the shoe.

  3. Anthracite is probably what you mean!
  4. they run TTS for me and I think for those who are size 36 and below and if your feet are on the narrow side. where in Asia are you? I think there's a boutique in Singapore and Hong Kong. The glitters have a tendency to fall off but not too much to worry about a bald spot.

    hope that helps
  5. Thankx !! sumnbout me ...... Im in Malaysia.. Northern side and im not goin to Singapore or Hong Kong anytime soon.