HELP!! Robert Clergerie shoes: European or French sizing?

  1. Is there a difference between french and european shoe sizing? - and which system does Robert Clergerie use? I'm asking because I bid on some clergerie's from a couple seasons ago that I have been belatedly pining for, and they are listed in size 38/UK 5. According to some size charts, French 38 = UK 5 = US 6.5 whereas EU 38 = US 7.5 or US 8. I only have one pair of clergeries and they came in US sizing so I'm not familiar with how the clergeries in europe are sized in comparison. There are so many different shoe size charts.....

    European Clergerie owners out there, halp!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. French sizes are european sizes. So the right chart would be

    French 36 = UK 3 = US 6
    French 36.5 = UK 3.5 = US 6.5
    French 37 = UK 4 = US 7
    French 37.5 = UK 4.5 = US 7.5
    French 38 = UK 5 = US 8

    But be careful of the Italian sizing : french (or european) 38 = Italian 37

    And as far as I know, Clergerie fit TTS in european sizing

    Hope this helps ;)
  3. Thanks so much! ^^

    Unfortunately I lost it anyway... auction ended while I was asleep >:[
    Anyway good for future reference
  4. Be careful, when buying Clergerie online. The sizing is not consistent. I've worn a 37 and a 38,5.
    The sales assistant in the shoe store said the sizing for Clergerie is horrible.
  5. Clegerie has their own shoe sizing, so a 7.5 Clegerie is a 39 French, 8.5 Clegerie is a 40 French. This is information from a very professional store clerk in one of their London shops.

    In my experience, in normal shoes I would take a 39 Italian (40 for some Tods), 40 French (and sometimes bigger depending on style of shoe as I have a wide foot, with high instep) and thus an 8 or 8.5 Clegerie.

    I can squeeze into a 7.5 Clegerie but end up placing too much pressure widthwise/rubbing the sides of my big toe and small toe which also means my heel can very slightly stick out at the end (if sandals) - so if you have a thinner more delicate foot that can go into the shoe easily all the way without first getting stuck widthwise, this Clegerie size may work for you best.
  6. Yesterday i received a fab pair of boots i bought on eBay. I put them on and my feet were flapping about in them and i couldnt work out why. The seller had listed them as a UK 5. Inside the boot they had a 7. I assumed the seller thought this was an American sizing but its a Robert Clergerie size 7. I also telephoned one of the London shops yesterday and was told a Robert Clergerie 7 was the same as a UK 5.5. I can only assume the seller was a large 5 as i cant see otherwise how they would have fit her.

    Back on they go to another home.................