Help! Robe brand assistance needed

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  1. I received a lovely robe for Christmas....but I am just not a robe wearer.

    The brand is Charlotte, and it looks just like this on the inside label.

    Does anyone know where this brand is carried? The tag doesn't have any type of store label on it. :confused1:

  2. I have no idea... but it is a cool name! Hopefully someone has some insight
  3. You can just send that over to me -- I LOVE bathrobes, lol!

    I guess you should just try looking up the brand on all the usual sites -- macys, Nordstroms, etc. Where do you think the giver would shop? Could it be from target or sears or somewhere? If you can't return it, maybe you could "re-gift" it...
  4. Well....the color is the exact same as the top you have on in your avatar! :nuts:

    I thought about regifting...every December my Bunco group has a holiday gift exchange/swap type thing. Every year there is a robe gift set...and every year it gets stolen/traded! I never understood that! :p