Help! RM Morning After in Dark Grey, Glazed Espresso, or Black

  1. Which do you love more and find the most "special"? Which is more versatile?
  2. glazed espresso is my vote! then grey, then black. theyre all fabulous though.
  3. I totally feel for you...I'm up in the air over dark grey and black for the Nikki myself! For the MA, I'm with lwatson...glazed espresso. Good luck!
  4. I have the glazed espresso Matinee...the color is stunning. I don't think you can go wrong with the grey either though!
  5. I am getting the black one, but that's only because I don't own a black bag. I think this style will be perfect for a basic black satchel.
  6. I have the grey. Love it! I say that one.

    I am the same as Jane. I don't own a black bag and am thinking of getting the MA in black. I think either of those colors would work.

    Sorry, that was no help.
  7. I really like the glazed espresso, though I've never seen it irl. I own the black and I do love it and I've also seen the dark gray and it's great too. Sorry, I'm no help either! I don't think you'd go wrong with any of them.
  8. LOOOVVVEEE!!! the Dark Gray...See how beautiful she is...



    Perfect with any outfit that you wear. FANTASTIC BAG!!!
  9. glazed espresso is killer.