Help-Rive Gauche Missing Shoulder Strap

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  1. So fellow YSL Lovers, I have been trying to hunt down a green Rive Gauche for so long, and finally found one online, and assumed, since all Rive Gauches came with shoulder straps, that this one did too. Well, I just got it in the mail, and it doesn't. What should I do. I so love the color, but the bag is too hard to carry without the strap. I have the black patent, and carry it only with the strap.

    I am going to write the seller to ask them what to do. Do you think I can ask for them to split the cost of a new strap (I would use my black one, if it was not black-patent croco), but it costs $240 or something!!! Please help. TIA!

  2. I had identical situation with Miu Miu shoulder bag which is rediculous without strap. It has two rings for a strap but the seller claimed she had never gotten it with the strap. I gave up after so many emails to her, and take my other Miu Miu strap which matches well. If I did not have that I would be more agressive and ask her to split the cost of the new strap. I would send her photos and descriptions of Rive Gauche, every one comes with a shoulder strap. If she did not have in her listing that part of the bag was missing, she should refund you a part of the money.
  3. Agreed, I wonder why it wasn't mentioned in the first place. You should try to resolve it with the seller first, to see if she's willing to split the cost with you. But if she's stubborn, you should ask for a partial refund. It's unfair for her to not disclose that a part was missing. -__- It's kinda like buying a car without a proper steering wheel.
  4. So glad that both of you are in agreement with me. I will email the seller right now. I just love the color of the bag so much, but like your Miu Miu, it is not practical to carry without the strap at all!